Will You Feel Fulfilled If You Die Today?

die today

How will you feel if you die today will you have any regret. Have you done what ever you want to do in your life. It is hard question to answer but you have to do it. Because death is the only thing that give meaning to all the things in our life. If we do not have the fear of death you will not have any urgency to do anything in your life.

As you may know that you are not going to live forever in this world. So you will think of things that you are going to do before it is time for you go. But to really live fully you have to except that you can die any minute and there nothing that you can do that can stop that from happening, so what is that you are going to do today that will bring peace and happiness in your life today. It do not have to be large it can be a small thing but you have do it now. Taking action now is the most important thing.

Yes it is a grim thing to think like that but it the truth. We all have to face it you cannot deny it even if you try to deny it the facts will not change so the only thing that you can do is get on with your life. But you have to have the thinking in back of your mind that why you are doing things now because if you are not living your life now. If you are procrastinate then it can happen that you will not get a chance to live at all. So be prepared for it have a urgency in your life.

I have heard of a group of people that keep a skull in there bed room to remind them that they are mortal and will die soon so it become important that they complete all the work that they have to do now before it is to late to do anything about them.

What I wanted to say by this article is simple in our daily we mostly forget the fact that we can die anytime and waste the time. Time is the most important commodity of all. It is the only thing that if you lose you will never going to get back so spend it carefully. Make a practice in your daily life to focus on it. So that you cannot forget the fact that it there and waiting for you all the time and it can come anytime for you so please stop wasting your time and get the work done that is needed to be done.

Stop measuring yourself on the basis of what you have and what you want. Start measuring yourself on the basis of what you have done. I am not taking about life. I am talking about every day if you have done three most important things of that day then you are moving in the right direction if not then yo

Published by Piyush Tada

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