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If you have simple life with less material things. The first thing that you will experience is abundance of money as you stop wasting money on things that are not necessary but you buy them just to impress people.

For example any electronic item that you purchase should have a life span of at least 4 years. When you start making you life simple you will worry less. Because of freedom that you got from working less due to reduction in your expenses. And as you save more time and money you start creating many sources of income which will provide you with more opportunity.

So you should invest at lest 30 % of you salary in any type of investment that you are interest in and you should know about that type of investment well.

Knowledge is power most successful people have more that average intelligence in there give field. What that mean is they know more about there field then an average Joe.

So if you want to make money on internet then learn about it. First start with free resources and the most important thing you should start working from where are you right now.


How can you make you life simple and with less material things?


3 Steps to simple and easy life

 Divide 7

If you want to find out how much cloth you need there is a simple thing that you can do. First find out how much cloth you have then divide it by seven then you will have the cloth you need for your life. Why you should have less cloths? Because if you have less cloth you need less closet space and you can change you style very fast. Because you have to change very little amount of cloths.

You will have more freedom because you will have a pair of cloths up ready for every day.


6 Month No Touch

Second method you can use to see what is necessary for you right now is six month rule where you will get rid of things that you have not touched in six month. A good practice will be that every six months you will clean your house you will get through all the things that you have and didn’t touched in previous six month you will get rid of all of them.

I know from my experience that this practice is very hard and you will need a lot of will power to do this but as you start doing it on a continues basis you will feel a sense of relief and freedom that you will get from getting all your stuff sorted.


See Below Your Level

If you think that your success is defined by the things that you own then think again you are not the sum of things that you have you are more than that.

If you feel that you don’t have enough things then think about the person that have less money then you and be grateful for all the things that you have.

Having only the things that needed you will get freedom do more of what you are really passionate about because you don’t need more money now.


Less Time Cleaning Up

As you have less things you need to clean up less often. I was able to reduce my cloths that really make my closet clean and it take me only 10 minutes a week to arrange all of it.

I still have problem giving up my books that’s why how much I arrange them it still look a mess. I am forcing myself to reduce them.

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