Simple Pleasures

simple pleasures

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Our life is full of many things. But I think that we should focus our attention on simple pleasures of life. For some it will be reading a good book in quite or taking a walk. It do not matter what it is for you. You have to find yours what is it that give you pleasure.

Life is complicated in itself so it is important that in daily madness of our life we find some simple things that we love to do and do them on a regular basis. Some time the act completing a task is more important then what you gain from it.

There are a lot of things that we are putting of in your life for another day. But when time comes and we complete something that is totally another feeling in its own. So when you find a thing that give you pleasure but not that fancy you do not have to worry about it. Just do it because you like to do it.


For example I like to master things. When I was a kid I use to practice everything a lot of time so that I can learn them by heart. And that simple thing of practicing a thing again and again give me pleasure in itself.

Like one time I make more then 100 paper planes so that I can learn how they are really made. Now I still know how to make them. When I start to learn the c programming language I use to practice a simple program again and again till I can write it without thinking about it.

So the simple art of pratcing a thing till it become natural to me. I love to do it when I do that time seams to fly by.

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So what are thing that you like to do which are not special in anyway. Those are things that you just like to do. And because they are not that special you used to not give that much importance to them till now. But now you will focus and find out what are those things in your life.

Life is all about small movements it is not a grand thing all the time. But it is a cluster of small movement. So when you will learn to enjoy that small movements in your life you will really be able to able to learn enjoy you life in now.

And there is nothing magical about happiness it is simple just find the small things that make you happy and do them on regular basis and you will be happy every day. But there is a pit fall that you have to take care of that is do not do anything a lot.

One hour a day is enough you will get the benefits in that time. More then that is just the demonising return. So focus on now and you will live a happy life. Find simple things that give you happiness and do them on regular basis and you will be able to enjoy our life on everyday basis.

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