Become more Self-disciplined
Become more Self-disciplined

Self-Discipline appears to be a problem area for lot of people. Every one of us have great potential but we only lack self-Discipline or we can say that the doing our work even when we don’t feel like doing.

We can achieve self-Discipline by use of Acceptance, willpower, hard work, persistence. We will discuss all of them in detail in this series of post.

What is Self-Discipline?

Self-discipline is the ability to get yourself to take action regardless of your emotional state.

Think about when you can follow through anything and complete your projects that you’re leafing of for so long and finally be above your work not just trying to catch up. Self-discipline can solve May for your problems live over weight done, addiction done. It can wipe out disorder, procrastination and ignorance.

Building Self-Discipline

If you want to develop your self-discipline think it about like a muscle. To train more to make it strong. If you train less it will get weak.

As everyone has different muscle structure in the same way everyone has different levels of self-discipline. But not everyone has developed their discipline to the same degree.

When you develop your muscle you do weight training you start with the weight that are close to your limit. Then you work till the failure and then rest.

Similarly, for developing self-discipline you have to work till your limit you cannot develop higher level of self-discipline while staying in your comfort zone. You cannot change your whole life overnight. You have to do is progressive training like in muscle building.

If you try to lift a weight that is heavy for you will not develop any muscle and if your life weight that is very less for you will have no result out of them either. So you have to find a balance and start working there.

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