Nobody Cares What You Do


We spend a lot of time on what people think of us. What they think of the new car that we have bought or the new house you are moving into. But here is the flashing news that nobody cares what you do. Everybody is so concerned with what the other person think of them.  They do not stop to think what is it they really want from there life.

We always focused on what other are thinking about us and others are doing the same thing they are thinking about what you are thinking about what they have done. So there is no point to it.

Focusing on what others might think

If you focus a lot on what other think about you then stop it is pointless exercise you can’t guess what they are thinking ever. So at the place of doing that you should focus what is that you want from your life. What is it that you want?

Planning action according to other people’s happiness

A lot of times we do things that we do not like to do so that we can make another person happy it can be a friend, family member or a spouse. But in the process you make yourself miserable and it shows you think that you can stuff your feeling deep down so that nobody can see but here is the truth they do not say down.

They have a tendency to come up. When they come up it is always in much more intense then they are at the start of it.


Doing what is expected of you


There is lot of it around everyone expect you to be in some way or the other. Everyone think that you should be like this or like that but it is not important. What is important that what you want from your life. Ask yourself “What do I want?”.


Live your life the way you want to


There is one way to live your life that is the way you want to live. That is it. It is not an easy thing to do but you can do it if you keep at it and do not take no for an answer. You will learn that if you keep working and is never satisfied with what you got then you can achieve anything in life.

Yes it will take time but you will get there. So now you know that nobody cares what you do. So you should focus on what you want to do. Then to think about that everyone is thinking about you and what you are doing.

You will never be happy if you keep doing it and you will find that it is better way to live your life the way the way you want to live then to be worried about that is not happening at all.

We all think that we are good people and think about others and there feeling but if you think deep down you will find that it is not true even charity is because it make people feel good about there self. So do not fool yourself. Keeping working on yourself and keep reading.

Having A Life And Living Your Passion


Some of you want to be passionate about something in life and some of you have passion in your life but problem is that it takes all of it. Yes there are two kind of problem here not having a passion and forcing on your passion a lot.

The problem of not having the passion can be solved by finding your passion but it is easier said than done. You have got very uncomfortable at first to find your passion. But most of us do not what to do that. They just what to live in the comfort that there life is in right now and do not what to change it.

But there are some of us how are satisfied with what we have now and want more. But you have to find out why is that you want more.

The second problem is having a passion but not a life. What that mean is that they are so focused in what they are doing in their life that do not have time of anything else.


What is important in your life?


You have to ask yourself this question on consistent basis what is important in your life what is it that you want your life to mean. It will take time and effort. It might be easy for some of you but the hardest thing for most.

Because when people are asked what is it they want specific ling in their life. Most will get stuck but then they will give more generic answers like more money, more time etc. But when you ask them to dig deep and find the real answers they will feel uncomfortable.


What is missing from your life?


Most of us have a feeling in back of our mind that something is missing from our life but we are not sure what it is. We know that there is some that we want from life but do not know what it is.

So now it is the time for you figure it out what is that you really want from life. Do not be influenced by other people’s expectations. What is it that you want in your life not some that advertisers have convinced you that you want in your life?


Do you know what you want to do with your life?


Believe it or not you have a long life. So pass that time that you have on this earth you want some that will keep you occupied till you die I know it is not the right way to say it. But it is the truth. We are just passing time till we are dead.
If it not that then why do people watch more than 4 hours of TV every day. If it is not the case then why people need more and more ways to pass time.


How are you going to do what you want to do?


If you have something that you want to do in this life do you have a plan for it or you just winging it? If you have a plan in place are you following your own plan or just leave it and try to pass the time.


Balancing act


Doing what you want to do and not letting it consume the life that you have is balancing act of its own. Yes it always easy for one to take another. If you focus on your life too much your passion gets sideways and if you focus on your passion then your life gets sideways.

So what to do we will discuss it next point how much is enough.


How much is enough


How much is enough for you? It is question that most of us do not want to ask ourselves because we are not going to like the answer that we get from within. For most of us we know that we will not need the amount that we think is a must for us. You know that there is a lot necessary for us to be happy. That bring us to the next point is happiness important for you.


Is happiness important for you?


Are you a kind of person that thinks that happiness is important for you? If is truly the case then what are you doing to make it happen. Are you exercising 5 days a week or eating healthy because health is an important part of happiness. If you are not giving it time then happiness is not that important to you.


What matter in end?


What I think a lot about is what matter in end? The answer is simple nothing. You can kid yourself with any other answer but the truth is nothing matters. No matter what you does it will not a make a shred of difference in the end?

Having a live and living your passion is about understanding both life and you. If you do not have clear idea about both then you will take wrong decision in your life. You have to know some of the basic facts of life like pain are inevitable, life is just a time pass and nothing matters at end.

Only when you are clear about that thing you can really make a life that will give you both happiness and fulfillment. Yes they are both different things happiness is enjoying what you have and fulfillment achieved by striving to do better than before.
Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. – Confucius

So find the thing that is making your simple life complicated and if you have the option that you can remove it from your life the just do it. You will see that your life is more enjoyable after that.

Life is not lived in future it is now. So do not lose sight of your now to chase some magical rabbit in the future it will just complicate your life and suck out happiness and fulfillment out of it.

What Do You Want?


You should ask yourself what it that you want in life is. For most of us we have long list of things that we do not want in our life. But we do not know what we really want and for what reason. You might be thinking that I know what I want. I want more money, time or happiness etc. from my life.

But I am not interested in the general things they are just the preprogramed answers that you have been living with or they are forced on you by media or people around you. You have to ask yourself do I really want that or just that I think it will be good to have it.

Are you doing things to please others you have to think about that? What are you doing in your life and why are you doing it. You need to understand it very important that you ask yourself that.

You want more money


Why do you want more money? What will more money do to your life? All of us think that if we make a little bit more money then there will not be so many problems in our life. We think that rich do not have any problem but they do. Not the same problem as we do but they have problem.

The other thing that you have to ask yourself is how much more? 500, 100, million how much? A little more will never need you keep running in circles. I am not against money it is a great tool to live your life but my problem is when people make money there life.

Both money and life is different thing you should know that and live accordingly.


You want better relationships


Humans are social animal. You need connection of others to feel human. But how many of them is debatable question for someone is enough but to other there is no end. So in which category are you in find it out?

Do not try to go against your nature if you are a loner be a loner enjoy that some time try other things but do not force yourself to be something else. If you are a party person then go out and party do not try to sit at home and feel bored. But always try the other side of your personality so that you can determine that you have chosen the right side.


You want more time


We all have same 24 hours a day. Some of us will become millionaire by that most of us will work our whole life to make a million. It all depends on what you want. Remove things that are stopping you from getting you where what to go then you will have more time automatically.

Stop watching TV, stupid videos on internet or wasting time in any other way.


You want better health


Everybody knows what they need to do to get better health. If you do not know then here it is the secret formula that no wants you know the holy grail of fitness and hidden for centuries “EAT LESS, MOVE MORE”.

As you have seen that if you know what you want then it became easy for you get it. You have got rid of anything that is not helping you get what you want in your life. And do the thing that is important. The first thing when you wake up you should get the thing done which have the most impact in your life.

You will be able to live the life if you want to if you dare to believe that you can.

How To Get Rid Of Pain From Past

get rid of pain

We all have some stored pain from our past. You think that it is an integral part of you as a person but it is not it is just a memory.

Memory is just an imagination of what you think had happen. So it cannot be that accurate. You have to understand that situations have different interpretations you will see some things as you see them but not as they really are.

But for other person they have totally other outlook for it. So what we think is real and is not real is just our interpretation of the truth. It is not truth itself.

Getting upset and feeling sorry for you is not a way to go. You have to understand that what happen in past is past.

You cannot change it. You can only live with it. You have to leave you past in past. You have focused all you metal energy on the present movement.

Because thinking about past and feeling bad will not help you in anyway all you can do is live right now.

Think for a minute that we always have now but we try to live in future and past. In this process we destroy our now and total lost the only time we have.

You will only live in this present movement you cannot live a life of past or even future. Both of things are just your imaginations.

So focus you energy on now you can do that by being present in this movement all the time. Do everything with you total presence involves all your senses in you experience in it. Be fully present.

You have to understand one thing in life that pain is inevitable. You will have pain in life it will not matter how much or little money you have. It will not matter if you are a good person or a bad person. All that does not matter at all.

You will have pain in life deal with it. There is no way you can get around it. So you have to be OK with it. Yes you have to make peace with the fact that no matter what you do you will have pain in your life.

After you have done that the next step is finding out how can have happiness in your life if you know that for sure you will have pain it. The only way you can do it is by living through it all. What I mean by that is simple do judge your life is bad or good comparison to others.

But live it all without trying to escape anything that life throw at you. It does not mean that you should do stupid things that you know will harm you. But what it means is simple do the best you can and leave the rest. You will have everything in life success, failure a period of felling stuck. Just be present to experience it all. Do not try to control everything you will fain. Just live.

Want Financial Independence Where To Start

Financial Independence

We all want to have financial independence but we do not know where we should start. Don’t you think that it will be great not to worry about money anymore and be able to take a breath?

So the question arises is where to start? So here are some of the things that you can do.

Reduce your expenses

The first thing that you can do and that will give you instant result is cutting your expenses. What are things that you do not enjoy that much but pay of it? Think about the satisfaction that you get from all the things that cost you money.

And ask yourself do I really getting my money’s worth. If you are not then you should stop doing it all together.

Learn the art of frugality

Learn how you can be frugal in your life. How can you enjoy more of what you already have at the place of wanting more and more and enjoying less and less?
The more will never end and you will never be able to get ahead of it. So the first thing that you have done is see what you already have and how can you enjoy it more. You have to learn to get the juice out of everything that you have now before you go out and buy something new. It apply to everything you want a new laptop but have you used your current laptop to the fullest? I know that a new and shiny thing is alluring but it will destroy you if keep spending out of your active income.

Develop your health

There are many advantages of healthy lifestyle you will be able to pass time. Your medical bill will be less and you will be able to enjoy your life even more.

Develop a reserve fund

You should have at least 2 years’ worth of your expense in your savings account in the form of MOD. So that you can get by unexpected expenses happening in life. Financial independence only come when you are able to let go of the worry of money.

Total financial freedom

When will you be able to say that you are totally financially free? When you are able to live of the interest that you earn from your saving or your passive income is more than your monthly expenses. Take for example that you found out that you need Rs.20000 per month to live your life. Then the total fund you will need will be Rs. 30 lack. So if you have Rs.30 lack in your account you will be able to earn Rs 20000 as interest from it and will be able to live of it.

I know that you have to save a lot to get there. But you will be able to learn live with less. Or other thing that you can do is develop a source of passive income which will take less time than saving and you will be able to get financial independence before time.

There a lot of ways in which you can develop your passive income I highly recommend that you use more than 3 ways for your passive income source. Some examples


  • Write a book
  • Rent a room in your house or develop a rental property
  • Build a blog
  • Learn to invest
  • Start a business


Chose anyone of them then develop it before going to other. Financial independence is a choice it is your choice so if you want it you can get it. But if you like to be somebody’s slave for rest of your life then it is also your choice. So think about it.

Can You Change Who You Are

living by your own rule

Can anyone really change who they are? Or we just are the same person all our life? Or why change at all?

There are as many questions as there are people in this world. But if you look closely you will see that they have a general theme to it. But the most important question of all is “Why are we not happy with ourselves?” What I think the main reason is TV. Plain and simple either it is ads, news, shows or movies. It do not matter what it is what all of this things are doing to you without your concerned is amazing.

Even when you know what is happening most of the time you cannot do anything about it. Because if you are smart enough to get above it most of the people surround you will not so that create a unique problem of sought.

The first thing that you need to change before anything is your thinking. You cannot achieve anything meaningful until you do that. Because no matter what you do or where you end up. You will be yourself. If you not happy now then there is a slim chance that you can be happy in the future.

What most of us think is that if we have this or that it will be different but it won’t be. For example when I was starting to type my speed was at 20 wpm no matter what I did I was not able to improve it for months.

I thought that if my speed will increase it will make me happy. That I have achieved something of value but today when my speed is at 40 wpm it is the same feeling that I had at 20 wpm. So even when my speed has doubled but my happiness has not.

It can be applied to anything for most people it is money they think that if they more money then they will have less problem and more joy. It can true at the start but when you are making enough money to get you basic needs taken care off more money do not mean more happiness.

Even after they have found this to be true most of the people will not stop doing the same things that they have been doing in the past. They do not get it. To simply put it. You have to change that you cannot evolve without your thinking evolving with you.

You have to understand one thing that is the true change can only come from within. You cannot have the same results with changing you exterior. As you will have when you change your reality. So it important to understand that you know that.

So how to change your inside

To change your inside you first have to find out what you have in there. If you do not know what you are working with then it will be hard to do the change.
Then find out the things that are holding you back. Focus on one thing at a time. Change is hard but you will see it is worth it because it is new. As human we are always attracted to the new.

Enjoy The Path Not The Reward


Life is a journey they say. So why we are so inclined to that the reward is everything not the journey. So we are more inclined on enjoying some movements in our life not the full life good times as well as the bad times.

Why is that why we do not enjoy the full life? Is it that we think it is impossible to do that? Or is it that we will be insane if we are happy all the time.

It is true that we have to happy and sad both so that we can understand the importance of both. What I am trying to say is that if you never sad you will not understand what happiness is. If you always sad then you do not know nothing about being happiness.

But we can make our life more enjoyable at least you own it to yourself. I read some were that you need get what you love or love what you get.

So all you have to do is pretty start forward. You need to find what you love. But what if you do not know now what you love now. Then you have to learn to love what you do now.


The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.
Audrey Hepburn


I read a story in How to stop worrying and start living of a woman it goes like this. She was a typist in a large polo of typist working with her. She was not happy with her job. She feels that if she does not do something she will kill herself.

So she decided that she will find a way to love her work. So that she can be a no longer be miserable.

What she did was made a game out of her work. She has to fill these same reports. So she determines how much time it takes to complete a report so how many she can do in an hour. After she know how many she can do in an hour.

She focuses on doing better every hour keeping score and improving herself. It is fun for her to do that so she focuses on fun part and how good she can do.

In very small time she was doing better than everyone in the pole. And fun part is that she did not know that and she was having a lot of fun doing that.

There are lots of ways you can enjoy your life right now. But you have to be creative or you can just Google it. Now there is so much information on internet you can find anything with in seconds. But you have to understand there is a difference between knowing and doing.


Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.


As you already know form your experience in life that we know a lot of things but rarely does anything about them. So when you find any method to make your life fun then you should get it a month before you discard as useless.

What you see is that at first you are not able to understand the method fully but after some time you can do things naturally.

5 Reasons You Need To Focus More On Life


Being focused on your life is very important. Because without focus there is nothing there is. So it is important that you keep your focus on things that are need for you to be done. You can do a lot of work if you do less. I know that it is hard to understand at first but after 25 years I have learned that it is true.

Because before i know about it I used to do a lot of projects at the same time. By doing that I was never able to complete anything at all. So it important that you focus on a small amount of thing at a time and do it good. Things that you can do you do not over commit yourself.


Limited time

We all have limited time on this planet earth so it is important that we use it wisely. When you try to do a lot of things at the same time what you will find that you are starched out thin and you will not be able to do anything.


Don’t dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer.
Denis Waitley

Limited resources

Wither with it is time or money when have limited resources of it. If we are not careful in using them it will become hard of us to get anything done in this life. What you will see is that you will do a little here and a little there but you are never fully focused on anything at all.

Limited will power

A humans we have a limited will power. What is will power? To simply put it. It is the ability to do anything in a situation when you do not what to. I know it is over simplified definition but you get the idea.

Do you really need to do that now?

When you look at your life closely you will find that you have a lot of time wasters. A time waster is a task that is urgent but not super important. So what you will find that if you are not focused in your life you will keep doing things that are not important to you.


Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.
Greg Anderson

Your mind will become calm

When you reduce the number of responsibility you have on yourself you will find that you are calm now. But there will be filling in the back of your mind that you are not doing enough. It will stay there for a while.

I this article we learned why it is important to have focused. If you do not have focus in your life then you cannot be able to achieve anything. So cut out the distraction and see more clearly. It will take you some time to figure out things that are important to you but when you do just keep doing them.

Do not leave them because they are hard. If you do that you will regret that decision for rest of your life.

Things become easy as you go on no matter how hard they feel now. So to make a decision based on current condition is not right.

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Our Time Will Pass On This Earth


Most of time what we think about how to pass the time. But you have to understand one thing that your time on this earth will pass no matter what you do. If you watch TV or work on your goals. Sleep or do anything else it do not matter what you do or do not do time will pass.

You have to understand this you only have limited time on this earth. Lets do a calculation if you are 25 years old now and average life expectancy in your country is 85. Then you have 60 years to live but you think that is a lot of time.

But if you look closely you will see that 60 years is only 21 900 days. But you have to understand that your productive years will be till max of 70 if you exercise daily and watch you diet.

If you are not one of them then you will only be able to work till 60 that is 25 years. That is not even the full picture if you look closely to your daily life you will find that you do not use your day fully.

It is a reduction also. 8 hours of sleep, 4 hours of daily need things eating, bathing and transportation. That is half of your day. 12 hours that you have done nothing.

But that do not mean that you should work all the time or just be goal oriented. It mean at least you should determine what are the basic things that you will need to do now. And then do it. That is it.

You should determine what are the 3 things that are important to you now. That you can complete in next 6 month. It will not matter if they are big or small. It will not matter if it matter to anybody else.

The only thing that matter is that it matters to you. That is the most important thing of all. You are important what you want to do in this small life of yours is important. It do not matter how it appears to other do whatever you want with your life. Do not waste your time on other peoples expectations.

The only thing that matters is that it matters to you. That is the most important thing. You have to determine 3 things that are important to you now. The things that you want to achieve now. It can be better health, start a small business or write a book.

time on earth

The only things you have to think about is can you do it in 3 months if not then divide your goals that will take more then 3 months into small blocks that you will achieve in every 3 months until the final goal is achieved.

After you have determined what those things now it is time for you get them done. You have to understand that you need goals in this life so that you can keep moving forward. That is the only way there is forward.

No matter what you have done in your past it will not matter at all. So what is it you always wanted to do. Find it out and see how can you do it. Determine what is next step towards it.

Do not spend too much time thinking about what are things that you want to do. Just get started.

It will not matter how fast you are walking the only thing that will matter is that you are walking.

5 Simple Resolutions to Jump Start 2015



Every year is a new start when we get a chance to do everything we can so that the next year that you will have become the best. In order to do that you have to learn that you can do better. Understanding what you need to change this year is part of the process. You have to look back and decided on habits that are important and helped you in achieving whatever that you want to achieve.

Follow whatever you start

What I saw from my analysis of my previous data is that I was not able to follow through whatever that I have started in the beginning of the year. The main reason for that is I mostly forgot what are the priorities of the year was after 15 days in that year. So the main conclusion that I got was that I have revise what I have planed for that year every 15 days.

A better method is that you will be able to follow is that every week end you need to see what are the priorities of next week and how you have performed in the previous week. So that you will be able to follow through whatever you start.

Make small change


The second thing that come out of my analysis is that I try to make a lot of changes in a lot of things at the same time. By doing that I was not able to concentrate on things that are most important. So it is crucial that I do that. So little and less change is the way froward for me.

If this also one of your problem in your life then you can do the same. You can make a habit of small things first the you can keep adding stuff to that. At the place of getting involved in big changes it is important you start small at first.

Great wall of china was not build in a single day. So you should not think that one big action is all you need. Life is made of small daily actions.


Simplify your life


Life is complicated in it self why to make it more complicated with things that are not important for you. You need cut all the things out that are not important now. You will be amazed by how much you will be able to achieve and get done. If you focus on what is important in your life you will be able to get things done more.
But the problem with most of us is that we do not know what is important to us. So what you can do is that is simple remove everything that you think is not important for you then you will be left with what is most important.
Simplify your life do not only help you in achieving your goals but also in the process of finding peace in your life. When things are simple you can see that your mind is still and you are happy no matter what is the state of your life.


Know what you want


If you do not know what is it that you want in your life then how can you ever achieve it. So make a list of things that you want from your life. Read it again and again every day three times a day once in the morning, afternoon and before going to bed. When you read edit add things that have come to your mind that you want and reduce the things that are not important now to you.
You may be thinking how long I have to do this for rest of your life in this way you will always know what you want so that you will be able to work towards it. It will not matter in long run how fast you have walked but if you have walked in the right direction that is important thing.
Most of the time the main reason for the failure or not achieving what you want in your life is the inability to decide on what is it really that you want to do with your life.
If you are not sure what is it that you want to do. Then think about the things that you always get back too.
They are the most important thing for you so you should focus on that.


Daily action plan


I cannot stress enough on having a daily action plan. It is of the most important if you do not have a plan to do things that are important for you then you will never able to find peace within yourself. It is very important for a lot of reasons that you have a list of 3 most important things that you should do everyday.
So that you will be able to accomplish things that are of most important to you. So when you are do you will know that you have done the things that are most important for that day for you to do.

These are some of the things that if you apply to your life you will be able to get more out of your life. Yes you cannot apply all the things at the same time but you should focus on one thing at a time and when it become a habit move to different one.

All you read and know is useless if you do not apply it to your life. So it is very important that you apply the principle to your life that you know first before researching more. So that you will be able to find out what you can do and what is out of your reach that is very important.