Why You Should Not Focus On Things That You Cannot Change?


Everything in this life is limited your time, energy and will power. Do not waste them on thing that is not important. Below are some of the reasons why you should not waste your time on things that you cannot change and focus on things that you can change.



It gets your mind out of things that are more important


When you focus on things that are not important for your success you give them power but you should be doing is. Giving power to the things that get you the result that you want in your life.

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It is a waste of time


The amount of time that you waste on thinking about things that you should not be doing can be used in the place of what is needed to be done.


Focus all your energy on things that you should be doing and leave everything else. It is not important. The only thing that is important is that you are able to get all the things that is need to be done got done.

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Wrong way to focus


Your total focus should be on the things that you should do at place of things that you should not do. We have a limited will power if we waste it on things that you should not be doing then you will not have any energy left for things that you should be doing at the first place.


There are a lot of things in your life that you do not have direct control over. But even when we know that we waste a lot of time thinking about them and in process waste a valuable resource.

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You can do this all your life focus on things that you cannot change and feel defeated or you can chose to work on things that you can change and improve.


For example in my life I have focused so much of my time on things that I should not do. I used all my energy fighting for not doing the wrong things. But that is not the right way to live. At the place of this I should have been focused on things that I should do and focused all my energy on them.


Taking action give you results.


If you want anything in your life you should know that the only way you are ever going to get it is by working towards it. It can be true that you are not able to see the whole picture right now. You are not shore what is the future of this thing is. But you know the next step so take it. If you focus on what is the next step is and keep taking next step you will reach to your goal.


You should not focus on things that you cannot change but focus on things that you can and give all of your resources to it. Commit a 100% to it. If you do it every single day of your life you will be able to get the life you want.

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So stop focusing on things that you cannot change and focus on things that you can.

Book you should read: The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do, and How to Change -Charles Duhigg 

4 Ways Anger is Destroying Your Life and How You Can Stop It

4 Ways Anger is Destroying Your Life and How You Can Stop It01

You have to understand one thing that anger cannot and will not solve any of your problems. You can get angry on your past and till will destroy you. Or you can get angry on your parents that will hold you back.

The only way you will get anything do is only if you focus your energy on things that you can do in your life. Not on things that are just as they are. You have to learn to let go. I know it is hard thing to do but you will only do it if.

Anger is bad for your health

We all have heard about the health problem that we can get from anger. The main problem is not the generation of anger but the way we deal with it. We all get angry in some point in life but that is not the problem. The problem is the dealing mechanism that we have in place.

Anger is bad for your relationships

Anger is cause of a lot of broken relationships. Sometime it do not effect at first the other person can think that it is a onetime thing. But after you see a pattern you are concerned about your future.
What most of people do is leave that person if they can and move on and for the person who gets angry it just triggers more anger.

Anger is bad for inner peace

You cannot have a healthy soul if you hold on to anger. It will destroy all that there is you should learn to let it go. If you hold on to anger you will see that you will be unhappy and discontent from your life more.
Inner peace is not talked a lot but is one of the most important things of all in our lives. If you do not have inner peace then you do not get 50% of what you have already.

Anger is bad for your future

If you are a person who is working under someone and cannot control your anger when situation is not right you might lose your temper. You can have a situation where you can lose your job.
If that is not the case and own company then you can lose productive employees due to your anger. Anger is not only bad for your employs but for your customers as well.

How to reduce your anger

Now you know why anger is not good for you. Many of you might already know some of the down side of anger. But today you will learn how to get hold of your anger.
You cannot change who you are but you can control what you do. Here are some things that you can do today that will help you better control your anger in the future.


Meditation is a very old technique with a lot of benefits one of which is reducing anger. You will understand your anger when you meditate you will see yourself with other person eyes and see where the anger was unnecessary. In the process become less angry.

A simple practice that you can do is sit in a quiet place and focus on the things that make you angry. Then try to think of the reason why. If you know why things make you angry then you can get a better chance of moving forward.

When you have found the thing that make you angry and the reason for it next thing that you can do form a plan. A simple step by step plan of things that you can do that will help you in the future when the same thing happens again.

Think Ahead

It is a great method that I use a lot of time thinking ahead. What do I mean by think ahead? It is simple whenever you will anger building in you which you will be able to do after some meditation sections.
You will see that you are getting angry and trying to do something like raising your voice or punching someone. What you will do is think ahead what that mean is that you will see what will happen if you what you are thinking of doing. How will it affect things? If you do not like the results then control yourself and chose a different path.

Get your expectations right

A lot of your anger comes from the wrong expectations from the world. Like you expect that if you drive right everyone in the world will also follow the rules. But we all know that that is not the case so when someone cuts you in traffic you get angry. But if you do not expect anyone to drive right then you will not get angry at someone cutting you.
It how you chose to see the world it does not matter how the world really is it is your perception that matters.

Better understand yourself

The more you know yourself, the more patience you have for what you see in others.
Erik Erikson

The best is saved for the last you can only able to control your anger if and only if you know yourself. If you know the entire situation in which you will get angry and prepare for them in advance then there is a better chance of your making peace.
You always have a choice but the most important thing is that if you are ready to take the action necessary.

Now you know why anger is bad for you. It can destroy your health, relationships, future and inner peace. That are not all the things that anger can destroy you know what the things that you want to save are.

You also know some of the things that you can do today that will help you get better at controlling your anger. But like anything in life if you want something you have to work for it.

Like you want to build a healthy body you have to eat right and exercise. You have to put the work to get the result that you want. It is same with anger management you cannot get rid of your anger but you can learn to better manage it.

5 Secret Shortcuts For Financial Security

Financial Security
In this article we will see what financial security is, why it should be your first priority and how to achieve it. So it is important that you first know what the heck financial security is.
In the simplest of terms it achieved when you have assets that provide you with basic need for your life without any work from your part. Like if you have Rs. 20000 as your monthly expenses (i.e. food, shelter, transportation & basic entertainment). So you should have assets that will provide Rs. 20000 per month of return. It can be a second house with a rent of Rs. 20000 or you have fixed deposit that generates the same return etc.
It do not matter which method you follow to generate that extra income but it should be passive (i.e. No work need or very little work on your part).

Saving Rate

All your focus should be on your saving rate (percentage of income you save on monthly basis) you can make a chart of it follow along. Your money or your life has explained it in great detail and there are some other cool things that will help you. In the start it will be small Rs. 10 but as the time goes on you get better at saving it will increase to Rs. 100, 200, 1000, 2000 etc.
If you want to achieve financial security fast then there is one things that you should do reduce your monthly expenses it will increase your saving rate and now you have to save less to get to the amount of saving needed to generate the second income because your monthly expenses are also low.
Let’s take an example a person earns Rs. 50000 per month and spends Rs. 45,000. So he saves Rs.5000 per month which is 10% of his income which is great if you want to retire at 60. He will need 77, 20,000 of capital on which he will make 7% per year to generate Rs. 45,000 per month.

But if the same person lives on Rs. 25000 per month not only he will need less capital but he also is able accumulate it much faster because of higher saving rate. Now the capital needed to generate Rs. 25000 per month will be 42, 85,000.
For sake of simple calculation we will use fix saving of Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 25000 and how much time will it take to accumulate the total amount. In the first case you will need 128 year and in second case 14 years.
It just for sake of calculation because your income will increase with time but as you can see if you save 10% you will have to work most of your life and if you save 50% of your income you can retire at 14 year make but you will be able to do it even before that if you invest the money you save.
You may be thinking that it is not possible but if you think about it and plan for it you can make it happen. A lot of people have done it and are living the life right now. If you want the proof then you should search in Google “early retirement”. You can start small with 5% at first. What you need to do is calculate 5% of your current monthly income. Now set up a sip for the amount that got so that the money is deducted from your account every month. You do not even have to think about it, it will happen automatically.
After sometime you will see that it is not such a big deal you are now able to live on 95% of your income without even trying. After few months add one more sip in different mutual fund of same amount and now you are saving 10% of your income without even trying.

Real Estate Holy Grail of Wealth Creation

After you have done that for 6 month now you are comfortable to live on 90% of your income but we have to push forward if we want financial independence. So now what is the next step you ask? If you do not have a real estate investment then you are in big disadvantage. So look for property that you can buy with the EMI of 10% of your income.
Maybe you cannot find the property in the city that live in so what expend your search it is an investment you do not need to live there it will give to long term capital appreciation and you can rent it in the meantime.
If you do not have the down payment amount for the property and you are not earning that much money right now so you simply start a government bond mutual fund investment with the same amount invest in dividend reinvestment option.

Living on Less Then What You Earn

So if you have followed all the above advice now you are living on 80% of your income which is great but the sweet spot is at 60% if you live on that money then you will be able to become financially secure within 10 to 15 years depending on how your investments do in that period.
Keep adding 5% sip in different funds till you reach the goal of saving rate of 40%. Last but not least you should invest at least 5% of income on precious metals investments like gold and silver.

Set a Side 3 to 6 Month of Living Expense

You should have 3 months of living expenses in your saving with MOD. So that if any emergency come you can take care of it. Have a medical insurance because it can be big expense if you get sick.


Never Have All Your Eggs in One Basket

Do not invest more than 5% of your income on one thing. Have at least two different saving account one for sole purpose of saving and other for daily needs. You can transfer 5% of you income on monthly basis to this different account. So in the above plan you will have a real estate, index fund, government bond fund, second saving account and precious metal investment. This plan will give you the most possible return with the least risk possible.
I know that there are a lot of things that you need to do. But if you pay close attention you do not have to do all of it at once it is a step by step process.
Once the system is set up it all be automatic you do not even have to think about it or do anything on your part. So if you have reached 40% saving rate so now what your investment will look like your home EMI will be cut from your salary account as everything else you do not have to do anything on your part.
Just work as hard as you can so that you can earn more and invest more so that you can be financial independent in no time. If you have any more questions about anything you want to know you can comment below.

Work Hard Be Happy

work hard be happy

If you want happiness in your life there is a way by which you can do it is by working hard. It may not be true for all of us but if you think it is for you. You will feel that you have done something with your life. You will have more than enough reason to be satisfied with your life.

Your financial health will be better because if you work more you are going to earn more. If you make more and do not spend it all you will have some reserves. May be because you don’t have time to do or you are a frugal person. What may be the case you will find that you will have more money in your life.

The people who work long and hard for things in their life have a sense of integrity and humility to there being. It may not be the case of all time but for some it is.

You will have something to keep your mind busy with that is a blessing in disguises for a lot of us because we want to get out of our head. May be all that you can do is work for some time in your life.

It is a good idea to work as hard as you can in your 20’s so that you can have great life over all. It is not only necessary that you work hard it also important that you save as much as possible at least 50% of what you earn. I know that it is a lot of money but if you are determined to make your life better then you can do it.

If happiness is a priority for you in this life then it became important that you feel a sense of accomplishment in yourself so that you will be able to do more.

Work hard today so that you can have a chose to not work at later in your life. It is kind of delayed gratification. Everything in life is a delayed gratification if you do not eat that sweet right now you will have great health in the future.

If at the place of spending the money now you save and invest that money your future self will thank you for it.

People who work hard are happier then who slag off they will have more money and satisfaction out of life. So if it is important to you that you have more happiness in your life then you should work hard.

Like everything else in life hard work is just a habit. If you do not work hard now it only means one thing that you do not have the habit of working hard. It do not mean that you cannot work hard ever it just mean that you have not cultivated the habit till now. You can always change your habits.

A mistake that I have seen a lot of people do is when they start they try to do a lot. When you try to do that what you will find that after some time you will not be able to keep the pace and everything that you are doing will more to a stop.

So at the place of burning out the best thing that you can do is starting small. At first do as little as you can get it done without a lot of effort. After you had the habit of doing that much more than just add a little more to the overall work.

In this way you will be working hard in no time and you will not even notice it.

4 Easy Tips That Will Make Your Life Easy And Productive


Do you want to know how you can make your life easy and at the same time more productive? By easy I do not mean that you will sleep all day and do nothing. But what I am really saying is that you will be doing all the work that you need to do and still be able to have a peace of mind.
Most of the people in the world think that it is not possible. There is no one in this world that can do it. But not to bust your bubble, there are lot of people out there who are doing what I am going to show you and they have a happy, peaceful and productive existence.
You can do it to but in order to do that you have change the way you think because unless you do that there is nothing that I can say will make any difference. If you are ready to change the way you think and try some new things then you will change your life for sure.
So here it is things that I have found that had made my life simple and more productive.

Have 3 goals at a time

All of us have a lot of things that we want to achieve in this life but that do not mean that you have to do all of those things right now. You can pick the most important 3 goals that will make the most difference now and complete them first before trying to do anything else.
When you try to do a lot of things at the same time what happens is that all of your energy is divided between tasks. At place of focusing on one thing at a time you are thinking about 10 different things at the same.
What that does is that you are not able to give your 100% to anything by doing that you never achieve what you could have achieved if you have put all your energy into one thing.
So make a list of all the things that you want to do in your life. You will select the three things that will make the most impact now. It do not matter what they are and how long it is going to complete them. The only thing that matter is that they matter to you and will make the most difference in your life right now if you achieve them.

Make everything a habit

Humans are creature of habit it is a fact. All the things good or bad that we do on the regular basis are just a habit. We all know that we can change a habit.
There are phenomena called habit lops in the book The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business . Where it is explained how habits are formed and how can you make your own. So to make a habit the first thing that will come a trigger so it can be anything like when you feel that you are bored what you do.
It can be watch TV, eat or read a book. It is response that you will get when you have a trigger of boredom. Then comes the action watching TV, eating or reading a book after that you will get a reward which is you are not bored in the above case.
All the habits work in this way. So think about all the bad habits that you have and what is the trigger you have that because you take the action and what reward you get after you take that action.
If you know all that then you can easily change the habits that you have. You can also use the same method to form new habits what will help you in achieving your three goals.

How can I do it better?

No matter how good you are at something there is always a chance of improvement. But in this case we are talking about how can you make it simpler and still get the same results or even do better.
In this regard I find that Tim Ferris has the best advice in his book The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich if you have not read it you should. In his book he talks about Pareto principle which simply is that 20% of the action give you 80% of the result. Focus on only those 20% of thing and cut everything else out.
If you have a close look at what you do on the daily basis you will find that some of the things have more impact on your life than others.
So what you can do is find the things that have the most positive impact on your life then do it more. Find the things that have no really value and just is a waste of your time. You can do two things with them either delegate it or if it not that important then you should cut it out.

Automate as many things as possible

In the age a lot of things can be automated like your loan payment, your investments, bill payments etc. So the next thing that you need to do is find things that you can automate today without making a lot of difference in your life then do it.
You can make your investment automatic by investing in Index fund with an SIP (systematic investment plan) where a fix amount will be cut from your saving account on the date you specify and be invested in the index fund and if you want to diversely invest the same way in government bond mutual fund. In this way you will make your wealth creation automatic.

This are some of thing that you can do in your life today that will make your life at least 20% easier then before maybe more maybe less. It depends from person to person. But what really matters is that if you can make your life even 5% easier by following a simple advice then you should do it.

Because as Confucius had said

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

This quote has changed my life I read it every day and try to make my life as simple as possible. You should do the same and enjoy your life now.

Importance Of Learning Something New


We all want to become interesting and have a lot of talents but what we don’t want to feel like a tumbling fool. But you have to know something that in order to succeed in life you have failed. Because failure prepare you for the success.
So if you try to learn new things you will stay humble at the things that you know that you can do. And you will remember the frustrations that you have to get through to achieve the level that you are today. So it has two advantages you will learn something new and you will become a better person.


Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.
Benjamin Franklin

Learning new things makes you more confident. Now you know that you should learn new things every day. It became necessary if you are in your 30’s or above to learn. Because learning new things keep your mind sharp by doing that you will able to navigate through life which much more ease.
Your brain is muscle like every other muscle in your body the same principle apply to it use it or loss it. For example if you do not use your legs for a long time like when you go to space or long bed rest due to some medical condition you start to loss the strength in legs.
If it is going for a long time you can even loss the strength to walk. That is why astronauts who had spent a long time in space are carried in arm when they land on earth because they have lost the strength in there muscle to even stand up.
So think about your brain when you do not work it for 5 to 10 years what will happen to it. But some of you may be thinking that I do my daily activity which use brain. But the amount of brain power to do those things is reduced because your mind had formed a habit of it.
Our mind is a great machine it tries to use as little energy to do anything as possible. In past it was important for our survival because the food was scares and we do not know when then we will get the next meal.


Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.
Mahatma Gandhi

So when you learn new thing a lot of your brain power is used because there are no habits to make it easy. That is the reason when you try to learn new things in the start it is difficult but as time passes your mind make habits so that the activity become easy for us. That is why if you keep learning new things then your mind is always working on new challenges in return always in peak condition.
Learning new things can be fun if you want a proof look at the children. They really enjoy learning new things finding out things that they do not know. The main reason we are so against learning because when we were small kids we enter school where we have to sit and listen to a person blab about stuff for 45 minutes which is not the best way to learn at all. We humans need connection and a sense an achievement which is not there.
So stop and think about what are the things that you want to learn and start learning them now. You do not have to wait for the perfect time to start because there is no perfect time. So start small like 15 min every day for 30 days just do that and you will see improvement in yourself and you will keep going.

A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.
Bruce Lee

Most Important Thing of All

Most Important Thing of All

Do you want to know what is the most important thing in your life or what is it that will give the most bangs for the buck? Or you are just confused after reading a lot of self-help book what is the most important thing is it goal setting, time management, visualization or something else.
Today we are going to find out what is most important thing and how you can work on it so that you can get the best life possible.
So here is it the most important thing of all WORK. It is plain and simple what you get out of your life is clearly defined by what you put into it.

Why is work important?

Work is important because it is the only action which will provide you with the real results. No matter how much research you do on how to build muscles. It does not matter if you have the best workout plan in the world or you visualize on daily basis. You will not build any muscles if you do not workout.


The beginning is the most important part of the work.


Even a person with poor workout plan will get ahead of person who has a great workout plan but do not do the actual workout.
So it is important that you do your work daily. I am not saying that making plans in bad. What I am saying is that focusing all your energy on making plans itself is not enough. You have to take daily action. It is the only way you will get results.

Importance of daily small action

When I talk about work I am not talking about grand actions. It is awesome to do them some times but to think that you will be able to take that kind of action on daily basis is foolish and you do not need to do that at all.
Whatever might your goal be you can achieve it if you focus on your daily actions at the place of anything other than that? If you center life more on doing then on thinking then your life will automatically become better.
So what your daily objective will be to complete your daily set task that is it. You will not think about what will happen in future you will focus on what you need to do today and work on it. Daily actions based on your weekly goals will provide you the best results.

How can you increase your productivity?

Now you know that work is important you cannot get anywhere with just thinking. No matter what happens. It is only thing that you have control over in your life no matter what happen with you in your life you can always do your work.
Now the next question arise how can I do my work better. The first step is just get started. It is that simple if you do not start you will never arrive. After you get in the habit of doing your work on the daily basis what you can do is simple think about how you can improve your performance by 1% today. (5 Reasons Why Small Progress Everyday Is Better)
If you keep doing it every day you will be 365% better then when you started this year.
Now you know that work is the most important thing of all. You can get by not visualizing or planning even in some cases but never without work. So much of focus has been put on other things in the books but no one is talking about the importance of daily action.
You have two choices daily either you can work towards your goals or do nothing. We all know how good we feel on that day when we know that we have worked towards our goals. So why not make our now happy (How To Make Your Life Better) with daily action and in process our future self-happy with the benefits of our past work.

Magic Of Small Weekly Goals

setting-weekly goals

I find that for a very long term goal the motivation needed is a lot and we continually evolving so our goals change so we need a better way to set and achieve goals.

So I find out that it will be better if I focus on short term goals. Yes you should have a long vision for your life but you should focus on small weekly goals to achieving them.

For example that if your goal is get 120 wpm typing speed with more than 95% accuracy if you set this goal you knows that it will take a long time to achieve it.

But after month or two you will feel that you are never going to achieve this goal. But that is not true all you need is some more time. Because you have set such a high goal that it will be hard for you to achieve it in a one swoop. So focus on day to day practice which will ultimately get you to the goal you desire.

So at the place of setting goal like this we can focus on improving your typing speed 10% every week. It is not that hard to do. It will take some particle but you can do it.

And because you are achieving your goal every week you will be motivated to work for the next week.

Let’s take a person who is typing 22 wpm and want to type at 80 wpm so how much time it will take him to get there with our 10% every week plan.

Week WPM
1 22
2 24
3 27
4 29
5 32
6 35
7 39
8 43
9 47
10 52
11 57
12 63
13 69
14 76
15 84

So according to our calculation it will take him 15 week to achieve this goal. But as we all know that life do not work as planned I mean some week his growth will be more than 10% and sometime no growth at all. So it do not matter you will just have taken the previous week’s best and add 10% to it.

You will always have the ultimate goal in your mind but at the same time you will be able to enjoy satisfaction of achieving your weekly goals now.

It is just one example you can apply this philosophy to anything that you want to do. You have to determine what is the ultimate goal is and then keep working on it week after week. So you will have small weekly goals.

If you achieve your weekly goals then you will know that you can achieve your ultimate goal as well. It is not a perfect system but you it will get the job done. This is the most important thing of all.

You will see that you are motivation all the way in this process and by being motivated you will have a better chance of achieving it. So keep working and you will have your dreams.

7 Surefire Ways To Create Wealth

Ways To Create Wealth

You want to create wealth but do not have a lot of money to start with. You do not earn a lot of money but you want financial independence. But you do not know where to start. You see a lot of investment advertisements but cannot make any decision of what should you do and how can you make a better investment decisions.

If earn any kind of income you can start to make investment it do not matter. All you need is a willingness to make some sacrifices in your life in the short term. Just like in fitness you have to get though some discomfort in exercising and eating right to get a better body. But you will see that even the hardest thing that can think of right now will become easy in the long run.

1. Spend less then you make

It is start of your investment journey if you spend all the money that you make then you will not have anything to invest. If you do not invest anything then you will never be able to get financial freedom.

You should try to save at least 10% of what you earn but your goals must to get this figure to 20% within some years. If you are thinking that is crazy I cannot do that then think about the person who is earring 80% of what you are earning. He is able to survive on that income then you will also be able to survive on that income.

2. Make a plan

If you do not have a plan in place you will never be able to get anything in your life done. So it apply to investment also it do not matter if the plan is big or small but you should have something in place.

What you can is simply decide where do you want to go in your life. If you want to accumulate $1 million dollars in your life time. It is simple and early understandable goal. If in any point in your life you reach this goal then you have achieved this goal. Without goals you cannot make a plan.

3. Educate yourself

People spend so much time learning about making money but they spend a lot less in learning about investing what they have earned. You can only do anything better if you spend time learning about it.

4. Systematic investment

You can systematic investment plans to invest a small sum of money on monthly basis you can start with a very small amount of money.

There are lot it in the world where you can start with a small amount and keep investing on the monthly basis for a long time. But you have to understand one thing that you are investing in this kind of schemes for long run 10 to 20 years so do not worry about small ups and downs in your portfolio. You should never invest more then 20% percent of your total portfolio in stock market.

5. Create a reserve

Every one should have at lest 6 month of expense in cash in a different bank account for emergency. You cannot plan for everything in your life so it is good idea to have some money stashed in undisclosed location ( just kidding) for that those needs.

Because if you do not this kind of reserve you will take make this payments by credit card or borrow money where you need to pay interest. So you will lack behind in the long on your wealth building process.

6. Bad spending habits in investment success

If you have some bad spending habits and you find yourself at end or middle of the month that you do not have any money then have other thing coming. Then I have a special technique for you what you can do is step up a system in which when you will receive your salary 10 or 20 % of it directly go in some kind of investment. Like payment of home loan or a sip mutual fund things like that so that you do not have any control over that income.

Then you will only be able to spend the money that is left and in the process you will be able to make an assets as well.

7. Make a budget

Making a budget will make a lot of sense after you done all the above things. What I mean by budget is simple you determine what amount of money you are going to spend on different aspect of your life like grocery, eating out, bills, rent or mortgage, entertainment etc.

Then what you will do is simple at the end of each month you will measure how you have done in all those areas have you spend less or more. If you think that you spend even less then you should find ways to do it.

8. Spend time

You need to spend time on your finance you need to learn about where to invest and how to invest you cannot expect that you will get better at things magically you have spend time. The difference between rich and poor is simple rich spend time on thinking about where they will invest and poor think about where they are going to spend there earnings.

9. Learn about compound interest

Compound interest is the most powerful thing in this if you put it in practice. Even a small contributions towards your assets will become quite a big return if you follow this principle. If you invest $50 monthly in something that give you 10% yearly return then reinvest all your earning for 45 year you will have $75000 by the end of it.

So even a $50 investment a month can make such a difference in long run.

10. Start to think about financial independence

If you are not thinking about financial independence there is a chance that you will never get it. So start making plan today. You don’t need to start big but the important thing is that you start.

So now you know how you can create your person wealth. But you have to understand one thing that creating wealth is a long process it will take at least 20 years or sometime even more. But you will see that in some years most of the points that I have made will become second nature to you and till not feel like a work anymore. So best of luck if you any questions then ask.

Will You Feel Fulfilled If You Die Today?

die today

How will you feel if you die today will you have any regret. Have you done what ever you want to do in your life. It is hard question to answer but you have to do it. Because death is the only thing that give meaning to all the things in our life. If we do not have the fear of death you will not have any urgency to do anything in your life.

As you may know that you are not going to live forever in this world. So you will think of things that you are going to do before it is time for you go. But to really live fully you have to except that you can die any minute and there nothing that you can do that can stop that from happening, so what is that you are going to do today that will bring peace and happiness in your life today. It do not have to be large it can be a small thing but you have do it now. Taking action now is the most important thing.

Yes it is a grim thing to think like that but it the truth. We all have to face it you cannot deny it even if you try to deny it the facts will not change so the only thing that you can do is get on with your life. But you have to have the thinking in back of your mind that why you are doing things now because if you are not living your life now. If you are procrastinate then it can happen that you will not get a chance to live at all. So be prepared for it have a urgency in your life.

I have heard of a group of people that keep a skull in there bed room to remind them that they are mortal and will die soon so it become important that they complete all the work that they have to do now before it is to late to do anything about them.

What I wanted to say by this article is simple in our daily we mostly forget the fact that we can die anytime and waste the time. Time is the most important commodity of all. It is the only thing that if you lose you will never going to get back so spend it carefully. Make a practice in your daily life to focus on it. So that you cannot forget the fact that it there and waiting for you all the time and it can come anytime for you so please stop wasting your time and get the work done that is needed to be done.

Stop measuring yourself on the basis of what you have and what you want. Start measuring yourself on the basis of what you have done. I am not taking about life. I am talking about every day if you have done three most important things of that day then you are moving in the right direction if not then yo