Plan That You More Likely To Follow

What is meaning of a plan that you would not follow so its important that your plan have two things

  • Easy to follow
  • Include what is necessary

For making your plan easy to follow you can do several different things that will make the hole planning and achieving process much more easy the first thing that you have to do is divide your plan into little parts and set small goals like what you want to achieve this week and how it will help you get what you want to achieve this year.

Always have the long term goal in your mind while making a short term goal because if every step you take is towards your goal sooner or later you will get there.

Now its time to make daily plans. This plan keep you on track and make certain that you achieve your goal.


What are the things that your daily list must have?

Your daily plan have to be very specific and to the point. You have to write the time and specifics of your work down. Like if you plan to read a book every week. So you write the name of the book that you will be reading and time that you will be reading it.

It will make you do things on that specific time. At the start of this process of writing things done and setting time things will not work and it will not work all time also. But after some time you will get better at this. Some time you will not be able to do the work on set time but it don’t matter as you will be accomplishing more with this method at the place of when you are not using this method.

The next step that come in this process is reviewing what you have done. You can do this by use to methods

  • Journal
  • Excel

You can make an excel file in which you make a list of thing on your to do list and mark them as you do them so that at the end of week and month you can track your progress on how much you are doing and you can make changes to things that are not going according to plan.

 A regular note book

I use it a lot to make lists and brain storm my thoughts. The great thing about it is that when you have done something it gives you freedom to how you want to use it.

At the end of the day you can easily see what you have done. By reviewing that you can do better for next day. It is a long process and it will take you some time to figure this out.

When you have figured it out you will end up with a great system and habit of setting and achieving goals. So in long run it will help you achieve more goals.

Now what you must do is follow your plan as much as you can to the point. In that way you will be able to accomplish more and it’s very likely that you will reach your goal. Because every step you are taking is towards your goal.


The Top 10 Questions You Should Ask To Yourself : A Preparation To Personality Development

personality development

In this article, you’re going to discover 10 questions that will get you started on personality development. Before you start on personality development plan you should ask yourself following question to get clear idea there you want to go.

What do I really want?

You should have a clear idea about what you want and be as specific as possible.

Should I really change?

You should not have any doubt about your reasons to change. Because a lack of conviction will only result in failure and waste of hard work. Focus on why.

What’s the bright side in all of this?

So what is the bright side of all this what are going to get out of it. How is this going to make your life worth living.

Am I comfortable with what I’m doing?

This the question that we all try to escape because you have bills to pay, have to place food on table. But each of us forget that comfort and joy are also important in life.

Have I done enough for myself?

Do you have done enough for yourself or you are trying to please every body and forget about yourself.

Am I happy at where I am today?

If your are not happy here now you will be not happy any where. So do things that will make you happy.

Am I appealing to the opposite sex?

Are you a person when enter a room all the eyes on you or your a invisible person. Being attractive to opposite sex is a natural desire that is inbuilt in us. So if this desire is not filled you feel unhappy so work on it.
A good personality will help you in it. You can develop an attractive personality by tools of personality development. If you do not have any idea about it get some help.

How much could I have?

This question will answer that how much self worth you have. If you think that you worth a lot you will attract a lot of good things in your life.

What motivates me?

What are the things that motivate you what are the things that you have no problem doing even if they are big fuss for rest of the people around you. What motivates you will help in the process of personality development.

What Really Makes You Tick?

In last what really make you tick. It can be anything you have to find yours. Use it in your own favor.

Personal Development Plans



““Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.
“I don’t much care where –” said Alice.
“Then it does’t matter which way you go.””

From Alice in Wonderland

So do you know were are you going in your life. Where do you see yourself 5, 10 ,15 years from now?Konosuke Matsushita founder of Panasonic have a 100 year plan for his company.

You should have a clear goal where you want to go so that you can make a plan that will take you there. In this post we will learn about personal development plans and how it can help you achieve your goals.
You must have a clear and very specific personal development plans that you want to achieve. Now we will get into details.

What are Personal Development Plans ?

Personal development plan are list of goals and action that you want to achieve it can be as simple an

  • Being a more positive person
  • Improve your confidence
  • Change your looks
  • Be more adventures
  • Do something to help the world

The list can go on the important thing is that you should know clearly what you want out of your life. Get everything out don’t stop yourself keep writing until you feel like there nothing more in there.

Why you should write your personal development plan?

  • Clarity
  • Purpose of my life why am I doing that I am doing.
  • Clear Direction. A written plan keep you in right direction.

Writing something down give you a sense of accountability that you have do this. Now all you have to do is break that goals in time frame like

Life Goals that you want to achieve in you life time

  • 10 year goal that you want to achieve in next 10 years
  • 5 year goals
  • 1 year goals

At this point you have listed all the things that you want in your life. You have to update this list weekly.
What are the goals that are still important to you. Remove those that you don’t think that you want to achieve. For example my long term goal for a long time was to get a PhD. But as time pass by and I change it and cut that out of my list. Now I have new things that are more worthy of my time. Like making many sources of passive income so that I can travel world. I like to really see the world know how people live in different parts of the world how they think what are there goals and dreams.

You can also change your goal if you don’t want it now. There is no shame in it. It’s your life you should take total control of it.

In next post we will learn how you can apply the goal system in more detail. For now you should write all your goals that you want from your life and arrange in given category. See you on the other side.



3 Things That You Should Know About Personality Development


There are three things that you should know about personality development that will help you in long run. This is not true that you are stuck with the personality that you get.

Changing personality is simple but not easy. What I mean by that is the steps that you need to take to change your personality are simple and must of us know what we need to do. But the hard part is that doing what is needed to be done everyday. It take a lot of discipline and persist on your part to take actions that is necessary for your success.


You can change your personality

It was believed for a long time that you cannot change your personality. But as we are finding out with new research that personality is just a bunch of habit’s and thought process that goes into your mind on a regular basis.


We all know that we can change our habit by enforcing a new one. You cannot remove a habit from your life but you can replace the old with a new one quite easily. So if you can change your habits and thought process by constant repetition of new thoughts and habits then in a way you can change your personality. Because after you change all that you will start to see the world in different perspective.


You can improve your personality

As we have seen above that we can change over personality but what if you don’t want to change your personality. You just want to improve your personality. There are little things about your life and personality that you want to change you read here about 11 Ways To Develop An Awesome Personality . For changing you personality you first need to find out good and bad things about your personality and make a list of things that you want to change.


Now here is the thing that you can’t change everything at once so what you have to do is priorities your list what are the things that you want to change first. Then start working on it and always remember that your mind can give its full attention to only one things. So chose wisely.


How can you use your current personality for your profit?

Before doing anything about personality development. I want to talk about one thing that you don’t have to change what you are to better there is a easy alternative you can apply your bad habit at right place. What I mean by that for example I am not very enthusiastic about working-out daily so what I did I use my laziness on not eating too much so that I don’t have to workout more.


If I eat less there will be less calorie to burn and I can get away with not working out daily and still have a great body.


Now its your turn what is your bad habit and how you can use it to do something good.


Remember that even a broken clock is also right twice a day. Stop reading and something about personality development. Because action and action only will get you result you want to achieve.





When you have a to do list prepared of things that you what to get complete next day

it give a concise action and drive you to complete those work at the same day.

When you woke up next day you have a clear understanding of what you want do that

day. When you have that in writing you will be amazed by the energy and concentration

that you will have with this method.


You are going to get more things achieved and you will be more happy and content as you

have completed more work that day.

By doing the things in the sequence you get closer to your goal. As making a to-do list take

a lot less time to do and save a lot of time. It is power of Pareto principle 80/20 rule.

You will get 80 percent result from 20 % of activity and 20% result from 80% of work.

So its you job to find those 20% of work in your field and do them most of the time.


How to apply this principle of to do list on anything?


If you want to achieve full potential of you to do list. First you have to do is make a goal. Then

divide it in small parts. As you have you goal write and you have make a small proportion of

the goal that you want to achieve you start working on one thing first and as your first action

is complete you have clear sense of what you want.


Lets take for example you want to make a decent passive income from a website your target

for this year is $1000 a month by the end of this year.

So you set the first goal to make a website and get a revenue of $1 on the first month as this

goal is clear and achievable you will be able to get there.


As you get to next month you set the goal to to achieve $10 as monthly passive income. And

slowly $100, $200, $500, $ 700, $800 and finally $1000 at the end of the month as you will

need different skills at different price level you will concentrate on them that particular

month and due to that you will have all the time and energy to excel.

Live Fully So You Can Die Happy


You must live your life to fullest you must make it your live mission to find what you love and do it every single day of your life even if it is hard even if you are not good at. Most of people live life as zombies. People are so afraid to die even if they are not alive at heart.

Make your life a master piece. You should live in the movement. Most important have fun and live every signal day. Because if your not enjoying your life right now how can you think that you will enjoy the future that you are planning all day long.

Always keep in mind if you are not having fun in what ever you are doing in your life then you are missing the movement that has just gone by. You must make better choices with your life and live more fully because you only have one life so enjoy it.

Here are some way in which you can get more out of your life keep reading…

Enjoy what you have

First thing that you can do is enjoy what you have right now. For enjoying what you have you must first know what you have. You will be amazed if you really know how much you have. Now make the list of quality, skills and things that you have. List out ways in which you can use your knowledge, skills and things to make your life more fuller and enjoyable.

After you make a list of physical things that you have find out things that are not of use to you a simple way to do it is that the things that you have not touched in previous six months are not of any use to you now. So sell them or give them away.

Why is it necessary for you to have less things? Because if you have less things then you worry less and you have more space in your home and in your mind for the things that matter to you now. It cut out you cleaning time. Then you have more time to do fun things.

Why you should Make Good Friends?

If you have good friends in your life then you have more people to share your happiness. You have company of great friends in both your good and bad time. I remember one time watching a documentary about how to be happy according to philosophy in that documentary one of the point was that you should have good friends.

If you have interesting friends in your life then there is always something happening with someone or the other so there is something interesting always.

A good personality can help you get good friends so read 11 Ways To Develop An Awesome Personality Personality development doesn’t happen over night it take a long time and persistent effort to get a attractive personality but it will worth all the effort in the end.

The Key Attribute Of Leadership

The Key Attribute Of Leadership

What are according to you are the main attribute of leadership? What are the things that differentiate a good leader for a bad one? What are things that if you work on will make you a good leader?

So here are some of the things that are common in most great leaders.

1. Unwavering courage

Which is based upon knowledge of self and his occupation. No one will follow a person who lacks self-confidence and courage.

2. Self-control.

The person who cannot control himself can never control others. A good leader should have self-control so that he can control himself first then others.

3. A keen sense of justice.

Without a sense of fairness and justice, no leader can command and retain the respect of his followers. It is a must for a leader.

4. Definiteness of decision.

The man who cannot make up his mind and not sure of himself cannot lead others successfully. Because if you do not know where to go who will you lead others.

5. Definiteness of plan.

A successful leader should have a plan and work accordingly. Plan are guide for you in life, a great leader should have one for him and one for his people.

6. The habit of doing more than paid for.

The leaders have do more than he required his followers to do. Leading by example is the best kind of leadership.

7. A pleasing personality.

Leadership calls for respect. Followers will not respect a leader who does not grade high on all of the factors of a pleasing personality.

8. Sympathy and understanding.

The leader who is sympathetic and understanding will make a great leader.

This are some of the quality a good leader should have. If you want to become a good leader in the role of a parent, boss or spouse etc. You should work on this traits and have them in you. It will take time but it will be worth it.


Reference :Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

30 Days For a New Habit

Credits :
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I read some where that you need to something for 30 days to make it your habit so if you want to change something in your personality you practice it for 30 day and you will have that new habit.

I always sleeps more then needed even after a lot sleep I don’t feel refreshed. So I make a promise to myself that I will fix my time of sleep I will sleep at 1 pm at night and wake up at 7:30 am. I did that for 30 day. After 30 days I wake up at 7:29 am without even alarm going off. And my energy level has also gone up due to this. I still feel a little at time of waking up that 5 more minutes won’t hurt. But as time passes by it is becoming easy to do it.

You can use the same method on personality developed also

  • First decide what you want to change

  • Only select one thing because we have limited amount of will power everyday

  • Do the thing for 30 days without any breaks as I did with sleep time

You will start getting result very soon as one thing become easy to do you should get to other habit that you want to improve as now your old habit has changed. By this method you will be able to develop a good personality.