Nobody Cares What You Do


We spend a lot of time on what people think of us. What they think of the new car that we have bought or the new house you are moving into. But here is the flashing news that nobody cares what you do. Everybody is so concerned with what the other person think of them.  They do not stop to think what is it they really want from there life.

We always focused on what other are thinking about us and others are doing the same thing they are thinking about what you are thinking about what they have done. So there is no point to it.

Focusing on what others might think

If you focus a lot on what other think about you then stop it is pointless exercise you can’t guess what they are thinking ever. So at the place of doing that you should focus what is that you want from your life. What is it that you want?

Planning action according to other people’s happiness

A lot of times we do things that we do not like to do so that we can make another person happy it can be a friend, family member or a spouse. But in the process you make yourself miserable and it shows you think that you can stuff your feeling deep down so that nobody can see but here is the truth they do not say down.

They have a tendency to come up. When they come up it is always in much more intense then they are at the start of it.


Doing what is expected of you


There is lot of it around everyone expect you to be in some way or the other. Everyone think that you should be like this or like that but it is not important. What is important that what you want from your life. Ask yourself “What do I want?”.


Live your life the way you want to


There is one way to live your life that is the way you want to live. That is it. It is not an easy thing to do but you can do it if you keep at it and do not take no for an answer. You will learn that if you keep working and is never satisfied with what you got then you can achieve anything in life.

Yes it will take time but you will get there. So now you know that nobody cares what you do. So you should focus on what you want to do. Then to think about that everyone is thinking about you and what you are doing.

You will never be happy if you keep doing it and you will find that it is better way to live your life the way the way you want to live then to be worried about that is not happening at all.

We all think that we are good people and think about others and there feeling but if you think deep down you will find that it is not true even charity is because it make people feel good about there self. So do not fool yourself. Keeping working on yourself and keep reading.

Published by Piyush Tada

Piyush Tada is a Finance Graduate with a interest in personality development. Like to read , watch movies and share what he learn.