Importance of focus

It is important you keep focus in your life. If you work on several different things at one time you will not be able to produce the best result possible.

So it’s important that you focus on one thing at time. So that you will be able to work on it with all the energy that you have in you. This will make you life easy and improve your results.

So it is at most importance that you focus all your energy on keep you goal the most important thing in your life. You should give it the first and the last 20 min of your day to it.

So what you will do is that when you wake up in the morning what you will do is start working on the main goal of your life for 20 min. The best way to do this by setting a timer and start working.

So let’s say that you want to become good at writing or complete a book. So what you will do is as you wake up you will set a timer for 20 min and start writing and you will not stop till the timer is out.

You will be fully focused on the task at hand pore you all in the task. After you make this your habit you will start doing the same thing which the end of the day so let’s say you sleep at 10 pm at night.

So what you will do when it is 9 pm you will set your timer for 20 min and start writing. It do not matter how many words you write or how well you write what matters is that you write.

The most important thing that you can do when you starting to write is write daily. No matter what is you mode you will do this 20 min of work at the start of you day and at the end of your day.

You have to give it at least 21 day before you give up. Because it take 21 days for your brain to adapt to change.

So it will become easy with practice you will start to see result as you keep working. The most important thing that you do is keep going do not stop for anything.

It is not a lot of time you can easily take that much time out of your life for this thing.

After you have done this 90 days you will see that now it not hard for you keep your focus. And you now producing even more then you stared with.

You will start to move in the direction of you goal. As you start to see changes in your life you will see that all your work is paying off.

That will even motivate you to do even more with your life. Which the most important thing that you are excited about your life.

How to get the ultimate focus

To get the ultimate focus in your life you have under stand one things like anything in life you will have to make a habit of focus.

So focus is just a simple habit that you can make. So like every habit you have to start small. Take baby steps. Because if you start with something that is not easy to do then you will quite at the start.

And it is important that you are focused and prepared to go through you pain period. This is the starting period of every thing. Where you will see that your hard work is not paying as much as it should. And the only thing that you can do keep moving forward.

What you really so start mediating that will help you improve your focus.

So how can we meditate

The simplistic way of meditating is that you set a amount of time for which you will focus all your attention on some thing it can be your thought, breathing or a candle.

After you have decided what you will focus on the next thing is the time you can start with 15 min in which for example you have selected thought to focus on.

You will focus on your though and just watch them and then just let them go. You will not judge them or sort them. All you have to do is just see them just like a movie.

And do not try to to control the flow of your thoughts just let them go as they are going. Then some times you will see that you emotions are strong for you let go just think that it’s just a movie and this are not your thought it is the thought of other.

It will be difficult at the start then you will start to get a hang of it. It will become easy with practice and you will be able to improve.

How to be fully focused in what ever you do?

If you want to be fully focused on what ever you do you have learn one thing. That is you have find one thing that you like about that thing and focus all your energy on it.

Yes there will be a lot of others things that you need to do but you should focus on the thing that get you excited. For example I do not like a lot to things that I have do everyday but I like the feeling when it is done. So you can do that for that feeling.

Focus is the most important thing in your life it can make your life a lot easy and enjoyable so that you can live a more happy life. So you have to understand one thing that focus an concentration is a habit.

If you want to improve your focus you have to learn make a habit to put yourself fully in the work that you are doing right now.

So that you will be able to get the most out the work what you are doing and also the most out of your life in return.

Published by Piyush Tada

Piyush Tada is a Finance Graduate with a interest in personality development. Like to read , watch movies and share what he learn.