How To Have A Productive Day?

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It is important to understand that to have a productive day you have to know what you want in your life. After you know what is the major purpose in your life. The next step in your way is elimation in this step you will get rid of all the things that do not help you in your major purpose in life. It can be physical, mental or things to do.

For physical things you can find great article if hear at  theminimalists or missminimalist . For mental you have to understand that all the thoughts that you have on the daily basis that are not in line with the major purpose of your life is slowing you down. People today just want to be busy they do not what to be productive. If you can complete the most importnat work of your day in first 2 hours. Of you day then you should. You should not feel that you are not using your life well because you did things fast.

What I have done is made a system in which I do not get up from my bed till I have completed 3 most important things of that day. And I will not leave my room till I have done 5 most important thing of that day. In this way I was able to have a working streak in which I did the most importnat things of everyday for 90 days strength.

To be able to do that you have to know what you have to do to get the result that you want and you have walk up early so that you will be able to complete all the tasks before normal things in your life start. This method give a great kick start of the day. As the most important things are done for the day feel that you are now free for that day. So even if you do not do anything else that day after you have completed your 5 most important thing of that day you will be able to get most out of your life.

Now the next most important thing is delegation you have to learn to delegate all things that do not need your personal attention. What that mean is that things that will make no difference if you do it or anybody else. So you have to delegate that kind of work to somebody else. So that you can focus on things that need your special attention and focus.

To have a productive day is not how many hours you worked that day. It is important that how many of the important things have you be able to complete. For example if you are able to complete all of the most important 5 things of that day at the start of the day with in two hours and have delegated other non significant work that do not need your personal attention you will be gold.

What people generally do and I have been doing for a long time is that I work on things that are not important at the start of day. Which is the most productive time of the day for me. And after that it do not matter what I do because it’s all just a down hill from there.

So important thing is that you focus the most productive time of your day on the things that give the most result. Good bye keep reading.

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