How To Create Your Own Radical Success With type a and b personality

How To Create Your Own Radical Success With type a and b personality

If you want want to create success the first thing that you need to know that are this two personality types what is there origin.

In 1950s two cardiologists Meyer Friedman and R. H. Rosenman conducted study and came up with this theory. According to them people general belong to two types A and B personality.

Type A personality type people are more goal orientated , competitive, ambitious, impatient, aggressive, fast talking, hostile, more concerned with time management. So you get the idea this are the people who want to have everything and are happy when succeed. But get devastated when fail.

Type B personality type people are creative, enjoy achievements but not get to discouraged if fail, work steadily, enjoy exploring ideas and concepts, relaxed and innovative.

Now you know what the two personality types are so determine which you are then read the section where you will learn how you can succeed with your personality type.

How To Succeed Long Term With Type A Personality

Set time for relaxation

The problem with personality Type A personality is not that they do not set goals. The problem is the other way around they are very good at setting and achieving goals. But in the process they forget to relax and more often then not they burn out.
So if you are a type A personality type person you should set a period of rest in your plan as well.

Set Clear Goals

Other kind of problem with type A personality people is that when they do not have a clean end point they just keep going without rest and burn out. So it becomes important they have a clear goal. Like if you want to earn more money define how much is more is + $10,000 or +$50000. By defining those things you can get a clear idea if you are on the right track and when you have achieved your success. So that you can stop for a while take a breath and then set another goals.

Do not Burn Out

If you are a type A person then you are in a good chance that you will burn out some time or the other. So it is important that you work but do not over do it. So the points above can help you in doing that by setting time aside for relaxation and setting clear goals will reduce your chance of burning out.

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How To Succeed Long Term With Type B Personality


Develop Focus

Type B personality type people have different kind of problem then type A person they are not that focused. So what they do is work on several different ideas as the same time. What that does is make a lot of incomplete works.

So they do not finish anything but you can change it if you follow this simple strategy that to only focus on three goals at a time.

Write all your other goals in the someday list. But put most of your energy on those three task that you have selected do not leave them until you have completed them.

Do a little work every single day.


Be consistent

If you are a type B person then you will have a lot of ideas and you usual get excited about the new possibilities of that new idea and forget to keep working on thing that you are currently doing.

What that does is that side track you and you digging 100 small holes at the place of putting all your work on one thing that will get you great results if you stick to it.

This are some of the things that you can do to get most out of your personality. You do not have to change who you are you just have to know who you are and work accordingly. We all have different personalities but what make’s you successful is not what you are but what you do with what you are.

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When you know the are areas that you are strong in so you should develop them so that they can become your super power. And delegate all the other things to somebody else you do not need to be perfect in everything.

You just need to be extraordinary in one part of your life and let others take care of everything else.

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