How To Clean Up Your Computer For Better Processing And Less Clutter?

How To Clean Up Your Computer For Better Processing And Less Clutter?

Today I looking at my computer I thought that there are lots of files and folder that I have I do not need. I like to arrange a lot in sub folder, sub sub folder. So it becomes very hard for me to find the file that I need. Do you find yourself in the same problem that there are so many folders that you cannot find things that are important?

And I also have a lot programs that I do not want or use at all installed on my computer. So I make a point today that I will do four things to make my computer fast and my computing easy.

  • First, I will uninstall programs that I have not used in previous 3 months.
  • Second, I will transfer all the files to Google Drive that I have not opened in last 60 days.
  • Third, I will reduce the number of folders on my computer to the minimum.
  • Four, I will reduce the number of excel sheet that I have to the minimum that I can live with.

You can do the same things so that your computer can run on maximum capacity. You will be able to work fast and effectively with your computer if you do these things.

We clutter our computer and mind with these extra burden that slow us down.

If you want to reduce clutter from other areas of your life I highly recommend The Joy of Less, A Minimalist Living Guide: How to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify Your Life by Francine Jay.

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