How Do You Find Your Life Purpose ?


You can see your life purpose in two ways. Some relate life purpose to what they what to do with there life and there are some who thinks that life purpose in a spiritual scene. The reason why god has send you on this earth.

As we are born unique and gifted with one or many talents so it is right to think that you are sent on this earth to do something. Because of the different gifts we have come with. And life purpose as in sense of what you want from your life.
In both the case you want a answer how to find life purpose there are different way to do that. But the most basic of all, is that when you do something in your life and you feel that it’s right. You have stumbled on your life purpose but the life purpose is not a static concept it’s a dynamic one. The reason for that is you are changing continually you learning and growing and as you are going though it you are developing you life purpose.

Finding What Come Naturally To You

If you really want to find your purpose in life the first thing you have to find is what are things that you are good at what are the things that come to you naturally what are things that appear difficult to most of the person and its like breathing to you. What I ment is it come naturally to you.

When you have make a list of things that are easy for you the next thing that you look for is where you can apply them.

How And Where Can You Apply Those Things

The next step in finding the purpose of your life is to find out where can you apply you unique set of talents and skills. So that you have a clear direction of where you want to go with your life. Because if you don’t know where are you going you will end up in a place where you don’t want to go.

So before hand decide where you want to go in you life so finding the purpose of your life is more important then the next promotion you hopping to get or the new mobile or car you want to buy. So spend more time thinking what you want to do with your life.


How Can You Make World a Better Place With It ?

So now you have list of things that you are good at and where you can apply them now the next thing that you want to do is think how can you apply what you have found to make world a better place. For example that you have gift of playing piano so you make music that will swipe people of there feet. The music that will make them forget all there worries all there problems.
It does not matter what are you skills if think hard and long enough you will find the way in which you can apply what you know, to make world a better place.

Why should you do that? Because it will make you feel good about yourself. It will make you feel that your life ment something and you are of some value.

Having this feeling is really important in you life. If you have the feeling that you contributing something to the world it will fulfill your inner most desire of being worth while. Even if somebody know that or don’t know that it will not matter to you.



When you have done all the above. You have found your gift and searched ways to apply it in a way that it will make world a better place for you and everybody else. You should start working on it don’t waste any more time thinking.

If you are not so good in that thing do not wait to get better. You should starting working and work everyday. Then find someone that is doing the same thing that you want to do and ask for help. Make commitment to get a little better every day.

Any amount of thinking can’t get you anywhere you have to work on your thoughts. That is the only way that you can achieve any thing in life. So be prepared to work be ready to work. And also its important that you make your work fun. If the work itself is fulfilling then you don’t have to force yourself to complete your each and every single day.

So if you have read the complete thing this mean that you are really serious about finding the purpose of your life. But I want to ask you something that when you are reading did some thing pop it to you mind. Did your inner voice said something to you.

Like ” hey you are good at this or that thing” or ” This are the ways that you can apply this things in this manner” If it did now you have write that thing on paper and start working on it today not tomorrow not on week end but you have to do something right now that is the only way you find the purpose of your life.

Some time this thing will happen when you will find something that you think at that time is purpose of your life and after working some time on that make you realize that its not.
So don’t worry this happen some time all you have to do is do the above process once again and find out. It will take you some trail and error to get there. But the most important thing that you can do is not give up. You will get there and it will worth every minute of work that you have done to get there.



Published by Piyush Tada

Piyush Tada is a Finance Graduate with a interest in personality development. Like to read , watch movies and share what he learn.