How Can You Be Happy Now?

How Can You Be Happy Now


Happiness is not a thing that you will get if you buy something. It is a state of being. You can be always happy, it is a choice. If you chose then you can be happy.


Be grateful


Make a list of all the things that you have right now. More often then not we are thinking about things that other people have that we want in our life it can be a car, relationship or even peace of mind.


The comparing and wanting of things that other have just create a lot unhappiness in your life. A big part of it because of TV we are know it is not real but we want to be like the person on TV.


Which is an unrealistic expectation because there is no one like them in the real world. Most of the time that is not really want either.


So it is important that you make a note of all the things that you currently have in life. So that you will be grateful for the life that you have.


Stop thinking about what other people think


This is the biggest time and energy waster of all. Thinking about what other people think whenever trying to do anything. You cannot ever really know what other people are thinking most of the time they are thinking what you are thinking about them.


So stop worrying about what others will think and focus on what you want. If you focus on what you want and work on it you will be happy.

Stop thinking about the future


Making plans for your future is great. But the problem comes when instead of working on those goals and making them a reality you day dream how your life will be if you achieve those goals. In the end you do not achieve those goals and you feel bad about yourself for not working.


So why not break the cycle make a plan determine the daily action that is need to achieve that goal and go out and do it every day.


Stop thinking about the past


This is the one of the bigger problem most of the people have living in the past. You cannot do anything about what had happened in the past. You can only take action today. What action you take today will determine what kind of future you will have and then how you will feel in future about your past.


Pick a Skill


Excellence in anything increases your potential in everything.



Set big goals


When you have big goals it gives a fire in your belly. You work hard and try to do anything in your power to achieve. The only way you are going to achieve big goals is by making yourself big.


So if you want something that you never had then you have do something that you never did. When you work towards a big goals it makes you happy that you are working something big.


And you are hocked on the feeling how you will feel when this goal is achieved. Which make you keep working and excited about life.




Exercise is one of those things that you cannot understand, befits of until your try it yourself. Now you do not have to work long to get the benefits according to a study you can work out 7 minutes a day and get good results. It is high intensity training protocol where the rest period is small.

Those who are just getting started often see the biggest boost in happiness:

The release of endorphins has an addictive effect, and more exercise is needed to achieve the same level of euphoria over time.

So once you start to work out you feel a rush of endorphins and you get addicted to great feeling that you have when you work out. Now when you work next time the only way to get those feeling is by working out harder or long.

I cannot tell you how happy I feel when I make progress in my workouts. You have to do it yourself to get the full benefits.


This are some of the things that you can do now so that you can be happy. You should make it a priority that you feel happy. You can fake it until you make it. What that mean that you should focus on small things that happen in your life.

Feel happy about them so your life is just a series of happy moments.

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