How Bad Self-image Can Destory Your Chance Of Success


If you have a bad self image then you didn’t be able to do anything significant in your life. It is very important for success in life. Whenever doing something new in your life self-image will decide if you are going to do it or not. Because if you do not believe in yourself that you can do something then how can you do it at all.

So it is important that you have a good self image. So the question is how to get a better self image?


Lower your expectation

When someone has low self image they think that they cannot achieve most of the things. Even when the things are easy to do they let themselves off the hook easily because the do not have any faith in themselves. They think that they are not good enough.
But you have to understand one things that you can change the self image that you have now. They can change the result that they are getting from there life. It is not easy to do but what in life worth doing is easy to do anyways.


Increase chance of failure

Because of poor self image you will increase your chance of failure because you will not give your 100% in anything that you do. At the start of any new project you will think that you cannot do that even before you have even started. That in turn reduce your chance of success.
As we know that failure is a state of mind you have not failed until you have given up. When you poor self image you will only think of the instance when you are able to do something’s at the place of the times when you against all odds have succeeded.


Reduce productivity

When you start something with thinking that you are not good enough then you have failed even before you have started. Poor self image will. Reduce you productivity because half the time when you are doing your work you are focused on how you cannot do what you are set out to do.
Your productivity will suffer quite a blow because you will not put your heart and mind into the work that you are set out to do.
So check your self image before you start any work because if you do not do that you will not be able to perform at the full level of your productivity and the final result that you get after you worked will suffer from it.


Demotivate you

Having a poor self image reduce your motivation to work. Think about it when you are not feeling that you are worth something then how can you produce that will be going to worth something. You have to understand that.
A Demotivate person may be forced to work but will not produce anything worthwhile in his actions.


Low confidence


Your confidence cannot be high if you have bad self image. Your confidence is a large part dependent of your confidence and you ability to do what you are set out to do. Lower confidence is one of the main reason that most of the people are not able to achieve what they are set out to doing in there life.


You will quite easily


A person how has bad or poor self image will quite there work easily and will not keep trying at the sight of first sign of failure. You have to understand that it very important for your success in life that you have a high self image.

The first step to increase you self image is reflection then there is research. You can read Mastering a Healthy Self Image: The Guidebook to Real Happiness and Enormous Success by Darrell Knoch to improve your self image.


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