Good Or Bad Time Will Pass

good times and bad times

No matter what kind of time you are passing through in your life right now it will pass no matter bad or good. You have to understand one thing in life that no matter what you will always have good and bad times. Nothing is going to change no matter how much you earn or how good you are. You will always have good and bad times in your life.

So to better cope with bad times and enjoy the good time that you have. You have to learn few things first so that you can get best of both. Because if you try to get rid of bad times then the joy of good times will be reduced too.

You need to have both like the yin-yen both are necessary for a complete life. You cannot skip anything in life. You have to experience everything in its fullest. So when you are sad be said and see yourself and how you feel and what are the cause of that.

That goes to good times also when most of the people have some good times in there life they think that if they work hard in that time then this time will last longer. But you have understand in life nothing last forever everything goes by. It is like a constant stream of water where you cannot touch the same water twice. So you should enjoy what ever you have now to the fullest so that you will not feel afterwards that you have missed out on a great opportunity.

Let’s take an example when I was in college I was so focused on life that will come in future that I ignored what is in front of me. Now I know better that no matter what is happineing in my life right now.

Even if my life is shitty right now I will live it to the fullest. Because I will never going to get this time back no matter how much I try. But it do not mean that I am living in my past and crying about the time that I do not have. But to focus on the time that I have right now.



If I am thinking about my past now then I am missing now. So let go of your past and future and live now. Because all of us know that we are not going to get now back.

Struggle is natural part of life you will always have it. But you have enjoy the journey. The journey is the thing that will last for your hole life. Remember no matter how far you have come or how much you have seen there is a lot more to come.

You have to learn to live you life in now. It do not mean that you should not have long term goal like I want to be great writer but enjoy the struggle that you have now when you are in the process of becoming.

This will be your most treasured memory of all times so do not forget to remember it. Don’t try to push past it everything is important experience everything fully because you will never get the chance back.
And when after hard work you do get where you want to go in your life enjoy that place as fully as possible you have to remember that there will always be more to do.

bad time personality development

But you should not let it get in your way of enjoying now. Enjoying your life is your responsibility it do not matter if it is good or bad times of your life you can enjoy both. It will take some thinking on your part how can you enjoy the bad part but I know if you set your mind on it you will be able to figure it out soon.

So put on you thinking caps and find out things that you can enjoy when the time is no on your side. You have a very little time on this earth do not waste it. Live your life fully and keep reading.

Published by Piyush Tada

Piyush Tada is a Finance Graduate with a interest in personality development. Like to read , watch movies and share what he learn.