Doing Your Work In A Coffee Shop

Doing Your Work In A Coffee Shop

I have the pleasure of doing my work for the first time in a cafe shop. I previously thought that it will be distracting with all the sounds and people. But it is not at place of distraction but all the noise creates a meditative state. Where you will be not able to focus on what is going inside of your mind and will be able to work on the task that is in your hand.

It is hard to understand at first but you get the idea one’s you have tried it. I was surprised that I can do the work even then there is lots of sound around.

It is important that you focus on you work and get it done. You are there to get things done not to socialize. I think that the most important thing that you can do in this life is that you complete the work that you have started. There is a magical feeling in that and I cannot explain you in words that you get after completing something  you have do it yourself to know it.

Start small focus on things that are important to you. Start by setting goals in the fields that you are more willing to get the thing done.

Get More Done

When you work in a coffee shop you get more done. The part of the reason is that when you work in an area where you are paying to stay. I mean in kind of coffee because you can stay in a coffee shop only when you keep drinking. So you are paying for you time in the shop so it become clear in your mind that you get something done.

It has financial implication. What that mean is that if you do not work in coffee shop where you have gone because you wanted to get thing do. Then not only you have wasted you time but also your money and got nothing in return for it. It will focus your mind and you will be able to increase your productivity.

You Get Better Focus

Your focus improves when you in a social environment like the coffee shop. Even when you know that no buddy care of what you are doing but your mind think that the entire shop have their attention on you. So what you do in that situation is that you focus all your energy in this way that all the time that you are there you look at your screen and get things done that you have come to do.

It improve your focus a lot just thinking that you are in the attention of some of the people in the shop.

Increase Your Motivation

As I have said before you motivation is improved in getting your work done by the added factor of money and social pressure so you work your ass of there. Because your time there is limited and you have the deadline in your mind.

You have two advantages over home it creates a time limit and a give monetary value to your time. When money is add to anything we have a psychology of doing our best. It is kind of survival instinct because in modern society money is the mean for survival. It is mean of exchange for the things that you need for your survival in this life.

No Internet

Be careful to choose a cafe that does not have a free internet option. Because if the cafe have a free internet connection when you will waste your time even there. None of things will work because you fall back on the habits that you have at home.

You will start to search for things that do not have any benefit to your work. So it is very important that you work in cafe that does not provide you with a free Wifi option.

These are things that I have found out when working in a cafe when I travel. I work on my iPad which give a great advantage because you can open only one thing at time in iPad so you are not distracted by other things like in your laptop and you are forced to single task at the place of multitasking.

No answer is for everybody you have try things and find your own way in life. On this website I share things that get me excited and have worked for me you should try them if they work for you great if not then keep reading. Some day you will find your thing.

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