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Can you really define what your purpose in life is? Can you find out the purpose of life? Is it even important to find out your purpose in life?

Most of the population in this world will never ask this question to themselves. But you did and that is the reason you are on this website.

I want to tell you the most important thing that you can do is live your life now. Do not go find some fussy future goal. Live your life now. Do what you want to do now.

Life is short and you should not waste it. You should do what you love. And if you do not know what you love then you should find out and do it.

Be more conscious about your life be more of what you are keep improving yourself as a person.

Discovering your life purpose is waste of time you cannot be never be 100% sure of it. Even if you find your life purpose or you think that you have find your life purpose you will be kidding yourself. Because we grow and change as time passes so does your purpose. It is not a constant thing.

So at the place of chasing ghost you should live with what you have not currently fully so that you can move with confidence into the future.

Future is always uncertain and it always will be going to be like that. You can do only one thing in this life to live today fully and have some fun.

You can follow a plan that will guide you in hard time. A good rule of thumb that you can use is that you will improve yourself every day, 1% daily.

Learn to meditate

Meditation especially Zen meditation will force you to live in present and make better for the future.

If you do not work today on yourself and things that you want in your life today nothing is going to happen in the future.

Your future is built on today. So make a great foundation today.

Always remember that even the mightiest ocean is just a collection of lots of drop of water.

Published by Piyush Tada

Piyush Tada is a Finance Graduate with a interest in personality development. Like to read , watch movies and share what he learn.