Daily To Do List How To Make It And How To Use It

To do list

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We all have heard in some point in over life from someone or the other that we should make a list. You have also tried may be got some results. But now you will learn how to take your results to the next level. You can achieve anything in life you know exactly what you want and how to get it.

Have a clear plan what you want in life

As I have said early that knowing what you want in life is very important to get full benefit of your to do list. You will work on finding what you want in your life in next 2 years it can be promotion, improving you r business or to just become a better man.

80/20 Rule

80/20 rule by  Vilfredo Pareto is well known to many. That that rule basically mean is that 80% of result is created with 20% of the work, other 80% of work create remaining 20 % results. So now you know what you want. What you need to do is find someone that is getting the results that you want to achieve.

Learn from them that 20% of things that are most important in what you want to achieve. For example you want to be writer the most important thing that you can do is set a 2hr time daily and write straight for those 2hr is the best thing that you can do.

I know it’s hard but most of things that are important that you do are hard at first and then we get used to it.

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