Change of State Is Very Important

You can do a lot of things that change your mind but if your state of mind is not changed it will become really hard for you to achieve anything. It is easy to do. You do it by taking action do not think just act in the way you want your life to be.


Action creates momentum and gets you in the direction of your goals. We will talk about goals in coming days. Why it is better to have process and habits than to have fixed goals. If you feel unhappy start to do something very small. Don’t sit or sleep it will just keep you in that state. What you can do is go to the park for a run or a walk. Or do some small chore in the house like clean your desk start writing things that need to be done. So it will take you out of the state of helplessness and into action.


As soon as you find yourself getting into some bad habit loops start doing something. It doesn’t need to be big just get your body moving.

Published by Piyush Tada

Piyush Tada is a Finance Graduate with a interest in personality development. Like to read , watch movies and share what he learn.