9 Easy Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Personality



Do you what to learn some of easy things that you can do today that will improve your personality?


Dress sharp


You should dress well if you want to impress others. It is not that hard to do just pick up a catalog and buy the full cloths and accessory. Do not mix and match wear it like a uniform?


Improve your body language


Good cloths will not help you if you have poor body language. Read some books on body language and find out how you can improve your body language.


The first thing that you can do is stand in front of mirror and finds thing that you doing wrong. A good way to do is find a movie in which you like a character see how he sits, stand and walk. Try to copy them in found of the mirror.


Polish your shoes


A good shining shoe is a sign that you care about how you look. You don’t have to buy expensive shoes all you have to do is polish the shoes that you got. If you cannot polish the shoes then keep them clean.


Always be on time


Having a habit of always being on time is the most important habit you can have. It makes a positive impact on the person you are meeting that you value there time.


Start reading


By read I do not mean novels. What I mean is self-help or how to books. You need to find things that you want to improve on then read books on those topics so that you can improve on them on regular basis.


Do not just read and forget what you read. Make a commitment to use what you have learned in your life. Your life will only improve when you apply what you have learned. So find one or two things from every book that you read that you will apply in your life.


Find a mentor


If you want to improve in anything it is a good idea to get mentor. One thing that you have to make sure that your mentor is at the place where you wanted to go. Then and only then he will be help you get there.


Do something for your mentor too. Try to think of ways in which you can add value to your mentor. So that it becomes a giving and receiving relationship.


Keep a smile on your face


They say smile is contagious. If you have smile on your face it tells your body that you are happy even when you are not. Your physiology change your inner believes.


Get a clean hair cut


Having a good hair cut is also important. You should have hair cut according to your job. You can have small hair no matter what you do. Keep your hair clean and combed at all time.


Change the way you see personal development


You need to see personal development as a journey. It is not something that you can achieve overnight. It is a process in which you are always finding ways to improve yourself on daily basis.


Yes the above things will kick start your personal development journey. But you need to keep going.


What do you think about above tips? How are you going to apply this to your life?

Published by Piyush Tada

Piyush Tada is a Finance Graduate with a interest in personality development. Like to read , watch movies and share what he learn.

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