5 Quick And Easy Step To Awesome Daily Rituals

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All of the people have some or the other type or ritual that help them in there daily life. All the successful people also have those rituals. But they have rituals that help them to become better. So how can we use this powerful method to our advantage.

Observe Yourself

Even when you think that you do not have a daily ritual you do. So first step in the process is to find out what are your rituals. So you will have a close look at yourself you will see all the actions that you take in close observation so that you can find out what are your rituals.

Write All Your Rituals Down

As you observe yourself you will start to write all the rituals that you may have. Like what you do when you wake up that are thing that you think about when you wake up. What you do after you take your breakfast. That are things that you do before you go to bed.

Analyze Which Rituals Are Bad or Good

Now you have written most of the rituals that you have. The next step is that you determine that which of them are good and which of them are bad for you. In this process keep a close observation on very action you take and how you take it.

A minute observation is necessary for this thing to get you the maximum result.


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Removing The Bad Rituals

After you have find out what are the bad rituals that you have in your life. The next step is that you remove them from your life. You can replace a bad ritual with a good one. The most important thing that you have to understand here is that you can have a lot of bad rituals. But you can not remove or replace all of them at the same time.
You have to tackle one bad ritual at a time because if you try to change a lot of them at the same time you will be unable to completely change your rituals. It will take you some time to change every ritual.

But you can follow a rule of thumb that you will do one new ritual for a week then you will add the next one after one week had passed. Which simply mean is that you will keep adding new rituals to your daily life till you are able to make the best out of them.

How to Improve The Good Rituals

When you make the list of rituals in previous step you have find that you have good rituals to in your daily life. So how can you improve on them or make them better so that they can help you make your life easy.

First you have determined that some rituals as good why is that what is main reason for that ritual to good? After you have find that out the next thing that you need to do is find out the addition to your ritual.

For example I have made a morning ritual that I will write 300 words in my article every single day when i wake up. So it does not matter what day it is and how I am feeling I will write my 300 words every day. Because of doing that I have made writing a daily activity because before I was not writing daily even if I wanted to write daily.

I know that 300 words is a small number but you have focus on daily practice more then anything when you are making rituals in your life. Because that number will improve with time if make it a habit. If you want to learn more about daily rituals you must read Daily Rituals: How Artists Work.

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