5 Killer Tactics For Setting Goals

setting goals

The biggest benefit of setting goals is that you are now set half way to achieve them.

The most important thing that you have to know about setting goals. Is that when you start to do that you will see result happening in your life that you thought previously not possible.

So to really get what you want from your life setting goals is important. In this article you will learn things which will help you to set better goals it will take some time to get used to goals setting but if you start small and keep working on it. It will not be a hard thing for you to do.

Be Specific

Being specific when you set goals is the most important thing that you can do . So if you really want to learn how to set a better goal . When you have to learn how to be specific in your life . You cannot do everything at the same time so you have to be specific about about what you want now .

How you can set specific goal is very simple . If your goal is to make a lot of money it is not a specific goal . But if you make a goal to make $20,000 dollars in next year then that is a specific goal .

Have a time limit

One of the biggest mistake you can make while setting goals is not having a specific time period for your goal. So it is the important thing that you always have time set for your goal . To simply put it you have to have a date when you are expect to see the result of your work . Like in our previous example you want to earn money in the next year so you will have 12 months for your goal . So it will become easy for you how to manage your goal you can divide them into months weeks and check where are you in your goal achievement any day of the given year .

Write goals down

Writing your goals down is a good habit which will help you in the long run . When you write something down you make it permanent.

Now there is something that proves for your commitment . So if you have any goal in your life it doesn’t matter financial, social or spiritual you have to write it down that is the most important thing .

Because when you see something on paper you can make sense out of it. You can make your life simple after writing your goal down dividing it in smaller parts so that you can work on 1 part at a time . You will be able to better manage your goals. When you have them in small chunks . It is not that you should not set big goals. They are important because they are the things that really make you go beyond your limits but if you do not divide your large goals . It will be overwhelming for you to achieve them .

Set achievable goals

You should not set goals which you think that you cannot achieve. You should always start with something that you think that you can achieve and get that done then do some more. To set right goal you should know yourself.

Set reward for achieving goals

What ever goals you set you should also set appropriate rewards for them as well you should always have to see the reward at the end of the hard work.


This are somethings that will help you set better goals and achieve them. Be happy now and keep working.

Published by Piyush Tada

Piyush Tada is a Finance Graduate with a interest in personality development. Like to read , watch movies and share what he learn.