The 3-Minute Guide For Goal Setting

The biggest benefit of goal setting is faster achievement of goals. You can achieve your goals faster if you write your goals down. All of us have some or the other goals. But we do not achieve most of them why is that?

There are some things which your goals must have so that it becomes more achievable. So here are some things that will make achievement of goals easy for you.

Goals Must Be Written

There are several studies that clearly show that a written goal had more chance of achieving that the goal which is not written. So take a sheet of paper and write out major goals of your life down. After you have written your goals the next step is arrange the goals in priority. The most important goal will come first then the second important so on and so forth.

You should read this list on daily basis and update it on weekly basis. You should keep this list up to date.


All your goals or at least your major goal in life must me measurable. What I mean by that is you should be able put you goal into numbers. Like having a goal that

“I want to be rich.” is not a measurable goal.

“I want to earn $1 million by end of this year.” or even better will be “I want to earn $1 million by 31 Dec 2013.” Now you see how to set a better goal.

Take your pen and paper out and write your goal now.

Time Limit

You can see in above example that, we set a time limit to our goal “end of this year” and “by 31 Dec 2013”. By setting a time limit to your goal you give your subconscious mind more power so that it can complete your goal on time.

Categories Your Goals

You should make separate categories of your goals. Like

  • Financial
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Fun
  • Learning

These are some categories that you can have. You can have more or less as you want. You should write the top five goals in every category on a small paper and read it three times a day.

One Major Goal

You should define a major purpose in your life. Which is most important to you? So you can work on your major goal every day. The first thing that you need to do is work on that goal at the start of your day.

Divide Your Big goal Into Small

How can you eat an elephant? Piece by piece. I read that in a book. Divide your big goals into smaller one. Live take your one year goal divide it by 12 it will become your monthly goal. Take your monthly goal and then divide it by 4 it will become your weekly goal.

By doing this you only have to focus on your weekly goals if you are achieving your weekly goal on time then in a year you will achieve your yearly goal.

And it is easy to manage weekly goal then a big yearly goal.

Keep Reward In Place

You should have a reward for every goal that you achieve it is up to you what it is going to be. But it is very important that you have a reward for your every success it will keep you motivated in long run.

This are some of things if you include in your goal setting you will increase your chances of achieving your goals.


Published by Piyush Tada

Piyush Tada is a Finance Graduate with a interest in personality development. Like to read , watch movies and share what he learn.