3 Killer Tactics For Achieving Your Goals

Want to learn how to achieve almost every goal you set? This are three rules if you apply them when you setting your goals your chance for success will improve exponentially so here they are.

Goals Must Be Quantifiable

The goal that you make should be quantifiable. Which mean that you can measure your performance at end of week, month, and year in clear terms that you can understand? For example you made a goal to become rich that is a vague goal because you haven’t defined what you meant by rich. It cans mean $1000 at the end of the year or $1 billion but its not specific goal.

A more specific goal will be like this that I want to earn $100,000 by the end of this year. Now you can achieve your goal

Goals Must Have Time Limit

Having a time limit is very important in achievement of any goals as it gives us another measurement that there is specific duration in which we have to do the work that will focused our attention on what you need to do today to achieve the result you desire at the end for the week, month, year.

It improves our commitment to our goals so that we can focus all our resource to achievement of goal by that we will be in much better place than the person who do not have goal. Now the point arises that how can you combine the two principles that we learned for better planning and execution of your work.

So First we focus on the goal what we want to achieves i.e. you want to read a book for an examination that have 500 pages and you have 60 days to read it. So we will 500 / 60 = 8.3 or we can say that 9 pages a day. So if you focus on reading only 9 pages a day for next two months you will be able to read the full book before the end of two months.

Goals Must Not Be Too Large To Achieve In Short Period Of Time

What i mean by that is if your goal is too large for a given time frame you will not be able to achieve that goal. Let’s take the above example in which you have 9 pages a day to read so a person who has 5 min a page reading speed will need 9 * 5= 45 min of reading a day. But if he makes a goal to read 500 pages book in 10 days that will be equal to 50 pages a day.

Now time needed is 50 * 5 = 250 min or 4 hr 10 min so if that person don’t have 4 hr daily to read then this goal will not be achieved and then if it’s not achieved it make bad impression on the person that planning don’t work. And he will not plan in future.

The same can said about the money as if you are earning $ 100000 yearly on you should plan for earning $ 500000 yearly that will need a lot attitude change and thinking change in person to achieve it which is not impossible but a lot of work is needed to achieve that goal so if you don’t have that much time and discipline right now that you should focus on small goals first and then move forward.

Like you can focus on increasing your earning by 15% every year. It will be a great place to start.

Now you know this rules for setting better goals. So apply this principle when every you  set your goals this principles are universal it can be applied to anything health, finance etc.

Apply this principles and tell how it changes your end results.

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Piyush Tada is a Finance Graduate with a interest in personality development. Like to read , watch movies and share what he learn.

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