What Will Happen

In this post I want to talk about what will happen if we do what we thought of doing ever single time. Like if you thought of losing weight and exercise and lost weight.

What will happen if you do all the things that you set your mind to do. Think about what will happen if you achieve all the goals that you set out for yourself.

I have made a lot of promises to myself for things that I wanted to in my never seame to complete them. We want distraction in our life so that we cannot find that your life is meaningless and nothing matter in this life. No matter what you do will not make lot of difference in the long run.

But I thought that if we have to distract your selfs with some why not it be the work we should do. We can do any amount of work that we wanted to do. Our mind will not set us free you have to do something to fill the hole that you have in your sole.

I think that if it that nothing matter why not earn money so that we can afford more distractions in our life.

Whenever I make a post or a chain of thinking it must be at least 500 words so that we can make a post out of it.

This really a random chain of thinking that is all but this the only way by which we will find our voice.

When we start to give our self time to think and not be distracted by anything then and only then we can find the real answers in our life.

The most important thing that you can do is to give your mind to process your life. Don’t be afraid of inactivity if at the place of inactivity what you do is a total waist of your time then doing nothing is a good idea.

So start by 15 min there you will do nothing you will sit with a writing pad and write every thought that will come to your mind.

Who will your life turn out if you do all the thing that you set out to do? Think about it for a minute you will be more content and sertified with your life.

You will have more energy to do new things because you have done all the things that you wanted to do. Success brings success so you will be able to get more success.

Your life have a new perspective and purpose you are now able and set and achieve any goal that you desire. Now there is nothing that is holding you back.

You are now a free sole and you can achieve anything.

After you have done the writing exercise you will find out the most important thing to you and the thing that will have the most influence in your life.

After you have done that you should set 15 min time to action required to accomplish that thing. I know that 15 min is a small time but you have to start small. When you start small and develop a habit of completing your work you will see change in your life.

But if you start with a large change that you are not able to continue for even the first month then it will never become a habit and the change will never happen.

What ever change that you want in your life that will happen in a long time you can not force it. You have to have the patience. You will see result with a lot of time in between. When you start on your journey of change you will see changes every week. But after some time the result will be not so close together. You will get a little improvement for a week then for few weeks nothing.

So the only possible thing that you cans do is keep going no matter what you should keep going in the direction of your goal.

If you have a very specific goal then it becomes pretty easy to achieve it. So having specific goals is the most important thing. The most Important thing that you can do set specific goals.
In life you need to understand one thing that was your desire is for to get if you doing is I have something then that is a slim chance that you will get anything at all.
Imagine your life in which you achieve everything be it would be boring for you. Challenges necessarily in your life to make it interesting and fun to live.

What will happen is a situation thinking exercise in which you will put yourself in a future date. Where you will ascertain that if you have taken a specific path in life. What will the result will be and how you will be able like what you get.

For example if you exercise daily for six month. You know what will happen you will loss weight and get in better shape. Now the question arise is how will you feel at that time. It is important that you see yourself as that person and decide that it will be like to be that person that you will become at the end of six month.

Now think backwards will you be able to all things necessary to become that person. Will the pain of doing those things daily will more then the pleasure that you will get when you will be able get. When you become that person. This are the question that you have to answer for yourself no one can do that for you.

Published by Piyush Tada

Piyush Tada is a Finance Graduate with a interest in personality development. Like to read , watch movies and share what he learn.