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What are ways in which you can live your life? To answer that question you should know yourself. And always remember no matter what kind of life you chose to life. You are going to give something up.

For example if you want to have a life in which you travel world and have a different view when you wake up. In that kind of life you are going to miss long term friendship and relatives.

If you chose to have a save and secure life in which you go to office and have balance between work and home. If you chose to live your life like this there is hardly going to be any excitement in your life.

If you love a life without any excitement then you should by all means life your life in that fashion.

So what are the things that you like about your life right now and what are the things that you want to add to your life. Make a list of things that you have now and want to add.

What I like about my life right now? Ask yourself this question and then write 10 points. Think hard and deep.  Now after you have answered that question the next question will be.

What are things that I want to add to my life? For example I want to travel more. Read more books or make a difference in life.

This question will have as many different answers as the number of people answer it so do not copy other people answer. Find your own.

It will take time so be patient.

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