Top 5 fitness secret to long term weight loss

Long term health can be achieved by following a simple plan. I have tried a lot of thing but none of them have a long term effect. When ever I start a new diet or exercise program I am excited but was unable to continue it for a long term.

So after a lot of trial and error I found that there are some basic principles that can help you achieve long term health if you are willing to follow them. And I also understand one thing that they have to be easy enough that you can follow them on regular basis in your life.

Because if there is any plan that you cannot follow for long term or make a habit out of it will become hard for you to do and you will eventually stop doing it altogether.

Right measurements

Like anything in life if you want to improve it you have keep a record of it. So when ever you start a new diet or exercise program you should have all you measurements taken right.

Some people rely on weight too much but that is not the only factor to you should also take measurements with tape. Measure your cheats, belly, legs, biceps etc. every part of body that you think have fat content.

You can search google for ‘ how to take right body measurements ‘ that will give you a good idea. You take your measurements at lest once a month but not more then once a week.

If you take measurements in short amount of time you will not see results and you will feel that you are not making progress but that is not true so give the process some time.


You can do a simple thing to follow a good program by the book. You can do one out of two things that are either you can follow a DVD fitness program or a book. The advantages of following the DVD fitness program is that you will not need to make decision about how much rep to take how much time you need to do any given exercise.

You just simply have to follow what they are doing on the DVD nothing else. And you have understand that everything in life take time so your fitness and health will also take time. Do not think about your fitness in term of weight or inch loss think in term of being healthy and being strong.

Because it is the right thing to do and you will see long term results by doing that. Fitness is a life long journey so you will not do things with a thinking of short term result in return you will become healthy.

If chose to follow a book a will have a lot freedom on which program to do and how to do it. And you can adjust the program according to your needs. But I want to say to you is that you should for the first year you should follow the program as it is return do not change anything in it.

Because all the program are designed to give you specific results and you do not understand them in the start so follow the first year as it is. And after a year if you think that you can make it better then make change as you want them but not before them.

You can take breaks more then given in program if you feel muscle sourness or fatigue.

Eat less

The next step towards a more healthy you is eating less. I do not understand why people do not understand that the simple way to be healthy is exercise daily and eat less.

And if you think that you are eating less and even then you have a fat belly then you have to think again. I am not a big follower of healthy eating my think is that what ever you eat your body will get used to so the most important thing that you can do is determine how much calories you need in a day.

After you have determined how much calories you need the next thing that you have to do find out how many time do you eat on daily basis. For example you eat a small break fast then a lunch and then a dinner. So you take three meals a day.

So if you have arrived after calculation that you need to eat 1500 calories a day if you want to maintain you weight then you can do is eat 500 calories on every meal.

If you want to reduce weight then you have eat 1000 calories a day. You just have to reduce 500 calories that you have got from your previous calculation then what you have to do is divide the calories. The division should in number of meals that you take in a day.

You have to also consider about all the drinks that you take like tea , coffee, alcohol. You have to find out the calories that each one have and also take them into calculation.

Ones you have done all the calculation and you have find out the right amount of things. You just have follow them. Nothing else is needed and you can eat a cheat day in your week.

Cheat day is also very important to your healthy life. Because if you do not cheat your body will get used to the new calories daily and you will stop losing weight. We all need to get to our proper weight. After we have reached our proper weight we have to maintain it in long run so that we will be able to life happily.

Go slow

I think it is the most important thing to remember that you can not rush your health. You can rush your weight loss but long term health will take time and energy. It will not a easy thing to do. So you should be prepared to work hard on it.

Why is that you need so much time for proper health? It is because if you rush it you will not be able to change the habits that are needed to be changed to get the result that you want in long run. Think for example you have a habit of eating sweets just before you go to bed. You diet for sometime and get rid of habit for the diet period and you loss the weight and after that you start doing that again so you will be fat in no time.

Everything in life is connected to a habit if you want to improve something in your life think about the habits that you have and how you can change them. Because if you do not change your habit then it is a good chance that you will be able to continue your good habits if have those bad habits in your closet.

Long term results

When ever you are doing anything in your life think about the long term results of those things in your life. And how it will help to live a better life.

Published by Piyush Tada

Piyush Tada is a Finance Graduate with a interest in personality development. Like to read , watch movies and share what he learn.