Top 3 Ways To Live Your Life Daily

Power of daily actions


It is important that you focus on living your life daily. In our daily problem we forget the most important things in our life. Things that we love to do things that make us happy. By now you have to understand one thing that problem of your life will never be over.


So do not postpone living on the basis of that. You should make a priority to live your life now. Because if you do not do that may be you will never be able to do that ever.


We are always so busy in stopping fires that we are not able to see the flower on side of the street. You have get out of you head and see the world around it is wonderful.


If you just get you open you will be able to see that.


Reduce everything that is not important to be done right now. We waste so much of our time on things that have very little importance in our life. If you do that you will see that you will not have any time for things that are necessary.


Take stock of your day for a week focus on things that do on regular basis that do have any value in your life. Like ideally surfing net.


Net free time


Create a net free time. In this time you will switch off the internet. Even better will to set a prerequisite time when you will use the net to get your entire task done with in a set time.


For example you can set 1 hour at start of day then 1 hour in noon and 1 hour at evening. Do not use net any other time.

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Set up worrying time


This week of day or time of the day when you will worry about things. Like what you want from your life how is your life going and stuff like that. You will not do is dream about this things all day long and worry about what will happen in future at the place of that you will set a specify time to do that.


You will write all those worries and fears on a paper and go through them at one time of the day or week.

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It is the most important word that you have known if you want a happier and content life. Anything that someone else can do for you, you should delegate. You do not have to do all things in your life. You don’t have to do most of thing in your life.


There are great services that will do most of the thing in your life with little or no help from you part so use them and make your life simple.


So this is few things that you can do that will help you to live your life now. So the best way to apply these principles in your life is focus on one thing at a time.

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So let’s say you chose the internet thing first. So for one week you will set a time when you are allowed to use the net and rest of the time it is internet free work day. When you see the advantage of any of the method above you will be eager to apply the next one.


In some weeks you will be all the things without any conscious thought that is the goal.

A must read book The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do, and How to Change -Charles Duhigg

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