One Hour Internet Challenge For a Week Day 2

Day 2 of the one hour internet challenge was a total disaster I totally forgot that I was doing the challenge get on with my daily use of internet. So use at least 4 hours of internet.

Things I learned today

  • Make a reminder of your current goal and keep it where you can see it all day.
  • Don’t get upset upon little setback keep trying. You did not learn to walk in a single day things take time to happen.
  • Be patient with yourself.
  • Don’t give up if you fall down get up dust yourself start trying again if you are breathing you can do better.

So you tomorrow on Day 3 keep working on your goals even a single step is enough. But it is important that you keep working on your goals every single day.

One Hour Internet Challenge For a Week

Hello how are you today. I am going to do a week challenge in which I will use internet for only one hour daily. As the advancement of the technology we are getting engulfed in the daily internet world and not able to take care of our self and family because we are giving time to a person whom we never meet.

This is a challenge I will use internet for just one hour a day. Because I trade for living that time is not included in it. So other than trading all other work liking checking mails, social sites, updating blog all the other things that we do online will be done in that give one hour time.

So you can join me in this challenge to find out how it affects your life. I like you to try this new thing and see how it feels. If you like it you can continue if not then go back to your old habits.

So I have decided to do the following things at place of using internet

If you are also interested in doing this challenge you will need to make a similar list of things that you will do at the place of internet so that you will have a backup plan for those times when you do not feel so strong.

Tell me how applied this in your life and how you feel after a week of this.

Thursday: Thoughts Marcus Aurelius

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” –Marcus Aurelius, 121 – 180 AD

You need very little to be happy in this life. You think that you will be happy when you will get a new car or promotion etc. But it is all about your state of mind. Think about it today. What are things in your life that you can do without? Who those things are holding you back? Who can you get rid of them?

Why You Should Start Today?

Is there anything in your life that you wanted to for a long time? Like start a business, write a book, see the world. You should start today on that. What I mean by that is if you want to do something in that will move you closer to your goal. You start working toward it right now. If you do not start today it is never going to get done.

Do you know if you do a little work everyday you can accomplish a lot in long run. Lets take an example if you read for 15 min daily. You can easy complete one book every month. Think about the effect it will have on you as a person when you read one book a month. How well you can do in you life and job due to it.

It is said that if you plan for your day in advance which take 15 min before sleep you can save more than one hour daily.

So how can we start today on our dream. Lets take example that you want to travel the world. So you need money to do that. What you can do is you opened a separate bank account or a bonds based mutual fund and you invest Rs. 500 0r $50 which will be cut directly from your salary account as you get your paycheck. So you will slowly start accumulating funds for you travel.

You can start researching about the places you want to see things you want to do. Start read books and blogs related to travel give 15 min everyday for it.

You can achieve anything if you are consistent in your efforts.


  •  Start small.
  • Work daily on it.
  • Plan in advance.
  • A small step today can give you great results tomorrow.

How Not To Think Too Much?

How Not To Think Too MuchIs it one of your problems that you think too much and never get to action stage of your plan?

I have same problem so I think about some of the solution for too much thinking. We can overcome anything if we put our mind to it. So today we are going to solve overthinking syndrome. So here are some of the things that you can apply in your life that will make your life easy and more productive.


Clarity is must if you want to make better and faster decisions.  So how can we achieve a clear mind? We can achieve anything if we have less number of goals. So you should focus on less number of goals two is more than enough.

Little Action First

If you are think about doing anything. You should figure out the first step in your plan that you can do in two minutes and do it. The more time we spent in thinking process the long it will take us get to the result we want.


Meditating daily give clarity to your mind and you stop over thinking. Meditate early in the morning if possible.


Make Rituals

You should make rituals for things that you have to do daily so that you can avoid stress of making those decisions daily.

These are some things that will help you to be more productive and make better decisions. So do not think too much act a lot. Action has the power to change the world. Read Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen it is great book on improving personal productivity.

Image Credits: michelle.k.

Thursday: Thoughts Epicurus

“It is better for you to be free of fear lying upon a bed of straw, than to have a golden couch and a lavish table and be full of trouble.”

–Epicurus, c. 341 BC – c. 270 BC

Peace of mind is the most important thing in life.

A Simple Plan To Better Health

In this article we are going to learn some simple habits. If you apply those things to your life your health will improve a lot. Some of this in this article you might already know. But you do not apply on regular basis. So it is time now that you make a habit out of them.

Eat Less

There is a saying in Japan that you should stop eating when your stomach is 70% full. It apply to any kind of eating even when you are eating health food you should have some space left in your stomach.

Eat Unprocessed

You should least amount of processed food. Make certain that you food is healthy and not processed. You should eat less of things that come in packaging like biscuits, chocolates and other eatables that come in pack.


It is said in China that if you walk 100 steps after you eat you will live for 100 years. So always walk a little after you have your meal.


Exercise is very important in your health but it does not mean that you should have to join gym. If you have time of it then it is a good thing that you do. But if you do not have time to go to gym then you should workout at home. Even a 15 min workout is better than no workout.


Meditate of at least 15 min every day.

Record your work and results

Record your daily exercise like if you do pushups then how many you do in a set and how many sets you did. How much time did you walk or run?

You should also take your body measurement every month so that you can find out if the changes that you have made are giving you any results or not.

This are some things that will improve your health if you make a habit. It takes 21 days to form a new habit so start today.

3 Surefire Ways To Happiness

Yes! You can improve you happiness. No matter how much happy or sad you are you can always improve. In this article you are going to learn about three things that will make you more happy and fulfilled person then before.

1. Self-knowledge

As it has been said a lot of times and I will say it again you should know yourself. You should be aware of things that matter to you. And also of things that are not important to you.

Like is it important to you that you have a lot of money or more fulfilling life. Do want a big car or a healthier mind and body. You should keep your mind clean of all the less important things in your life.

2. Self-restraint

According to dictionary self-restraint mean “Exhibiting restraint imposed on the self”. To enjoy long term happiness you have to restrain yourself for a lot of things like over eating, drinking too much, negative thoughts, negative memory etc.

You have to restrain yourself from think about your past and stop living in rearview mirror.

3. Harmony

For you to be happy you have to live with harmony with yourself and with nature. You have to go with the flow.

These are some of things that will help you achieve happiness in your life. Whenever you feel that you are not happy or feeling down a bit. Think about this three things are you following them. Enjoy your life, you got only one.