One Year Of Personality Development

So what I want to say is that this is been a long year. I saw some ups and down but it all over now. What I have now is this year which is fount of me so what should I do with it.

Finicial goal not achieved
Daily things are not done

Improved my fitness.
Wrote 50000 words
Made live more simple and clear

Not achieved the financial target but to start with it was a log shot

Do not set a far fach goals.
Live is a journey not a destination
Small daily efforts ment in long run

So as you can see in some aspect my year was great but in others it was not that good.

So the most important thing that I learn this year was that if you want to achieve anything in your life you should make a habit of it.
So if you want to be heathly so you should make a habit of exercising every day and watch what you eat.
Take not of habits that are creating problem for you and then change them.
For some it will be hard because they do not look at what they do so it’s hard to find what is that they are doing wrong.
If you want any result in 2014 then you should make a habit out of things that you should do everyday.
You can make the most out of life if and only if you focus and concentrate your efforts.
You should read about morning rituals. It is a good practice to have morning rituals it will make your life simple.
The biggest mistake that everyone do is work super hard at the first in January so they have no motivation and energy to keep going after so you should take it slow for the first three months. Mean you should only use 60% of you abilities at the start.

If you do not want to make the same mistakes that you make previous year then you should consider about your habits.
What are the habits that let you to those results. If you want different result this year you should try to focus on changing those habits son that you can have the result that you wanted.
So your main focus for this year should be change those habits that do not give the result that you wanted.
Because we are not going to continue doing what is needed to be done to get success if you do not have a habit of doing that.

How to set better habits for 2014

As we have discussed above that if you want to have a better life you should have better habits. So how can you have better habits and make them part of your life.
Here are some tips that will help you to make better habits.

Start small

The bigger mistake people make while changing there habit is that they try to make big change at the start. At the place of easing them selfs into the new habit that they want in there life.

Focus on changing one habit at a time.

If you try to change a lot of habits at a time you are going to fail. So start small do simple things at first that are not so hard to do. And after you are able to do them without much effort then and only then you should move to other habit.
If you try to change a big habit at the start you will be able to do that for 3 or 4 days but after that you will not be able to find energy to keep going. So start small and grow on it.

Give yourself permission to fail.

When you do something now there is a good chance that you will fail first few time but that is ok you should keep trying.
When you were a little kid no one except you to be perfect at the first time you do not have any pressure to perform. So at that time in your life you learn the most and with a great speed. So what we can learn from that is if we want to learn fast and better we have forgive ourself’ soft mistake that we make.

Don’t stop till you achieve you goal

When you start on a journey of accomplishing something the most important thing that you can do is that to never give in till it is over. No matter how hard the situation get you will keep trying.

When ever a year start we have a some goals and expect expectations from our selfs. But as the days pass this goals and expectations seems to fade away why is that.
Why we cannot move in the direction of our goal all year long. Why is that after some time we forget our goals or even do not know that we have them I think that is the main reason of all.
So the most important thing that we can do is that we write our goal and keep it some where where we can see them so that we consistently reminded of our goals.

As I end this article this make me thinking that the reason that I feel so good about this year is because I tried so many different things I did something that I thought was impossible but here I am and I have done it so yes you can do what you set your mind.

The only thing that you have to do is believe in yourself and keep moving forward yes you fail sometime but that is the reason that you have to keep trying.

If you think about your life you will get to know that everything you have ever achieved you have done by trying it a lot of time.

Published by Piyush Tada

Piyush Tada is a Finance Graduate with a interest in personality development. Like to read , watch movies and share what he learn.