Magic Of Small Weekly Goals

setting-weekly goals

I find that for a very long term goal the motivation needed is a lot and we continually evolving so our goals change so we need a better way to set and achieve goals.

So I find out that it will be better if I focus on short term goals. Yes you should have a long vision for your life but you should focus on small weekly goals to achieving them.

For example that if your goal is get 120 wpm typing speed with more than 95% accuracy if you set this goal you knows that it will take a long time to achieve it.

But after month or two you will feel that you are never going to achieve this goal. But that is not true all you need is some more time. Because you have set such a high goal that it will be hard for you to achieve it in a one swoop. So focus on day to day practice which will ultimately get you to the goal you desire.

So at the place of setting goal like this we can focus on improving your typing speed 10% every week. It is not that hard to do. It will take some particle but you can do it.

And because you are achieving your goal every week you will be motivated to work for the next week.

Let’s take a person who is typing 22 wpm and want to type at 80 wpm so how much time it will take him to get there with our 10% every week plan.

Week WPM
1 22
2 24
3 27
4 29
5 32
6 35
7 39
8 43
9 47
10 52
11 57
12 63
13 69
14 76
15 84

So according to our calculation it will take him 15 week to achieve this goal. But as we all know that life do not work as planned I mean some week his growth will be more than 10% and sometime no growth at all. So it do not matter you will just have taken the previous week’s best and add 10% to it.

You will always have the ultimate goal in your mind but at the same time you will be able to enjoy satisfaction of achieving your weekly goals now.

It is just one example you can apply this philosophy to anything that you want to do. You have to determine what is the ultimate goal is and then keep working on it week after week. So you will have small weekly goals.

If you achieve your weekly goals then you will know that you can achieve your ultimate goal as well. It is not a perfect system but you it will get the job done. This is the most important thing of all.

You will see that you are motivation all the way in this process and by being motivated you will have a better chance of achieving it. So keep working and you will have your dreams.

Published by Piyush Tada

Piyush Tada is a Finance Graduate with a interest in personality development. Like to read , watch movies and share what he learn.