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All of us follow a system in our life how we do things. There is ridome to it. You can see it if you look closely. So if you want to improve your life you just have to improve the system by which you live your life.

Let’s start with waking up. What kind of system you use when you wake up? I personally wake up when my mind is fully rested. That mean no alarm. What do you do to wake up? Do you use a alarm or not? What is the first thing that you do after you are awake.

We have a set system if you think about it. If you want to change it the first thing that you have to do is know it. Because without knowledge we are just shorting in dark. So after you have discovered what is that you do when you wake up now it is time to improve it.

You should start with something very simple live drinking a glass of water when you wake up. You have do this thing for a week. After you have done it for a week you will add the next action to it. Live doing 5 squat after you drink water.

When you get use to your new habits of drinking water then doing five squat. You will be able to add new things to your list. Like reading a chapter from the book you want to read. All the things you do should be small. If you do all those things you will see a big difference in the long run.

In life you can achieve a lot if you focus on making this small changes. It all add up. What I do when I woke up? First thing that I do read a chapter from the book I’m reading now. After that I do some typing practice. Then write 100words in the article I am writing. It’s all out small things in life that will make all the difference in this life.

So that all you action add up in long run. When you do this small thing add for 365 days it will become a lot.

If you keep doing your work everyday then it will make a lot of difference in the long run. If you do this you will be able to continue your work for a longer period of time then before. Because the result will take time to come if you really want result you have to think about the long term effect of your work then thing about the imitate results of your action.

So if you work consistently with your system on any thing you will be able to work your way to top. What you really need to do is just keep working in the direction of your goal. When you keep working in the direction of your goal all the time your chance of success improve.

So you have to determine what are the things that will make the most positive influence in your work and do it. It will be not long before you will start to see result’s. When you start to see result’s your success will help you to work.

The success will be the motivation factor for you. And you will work more and get better results.

So if you want long term success you have to think out taking the long road in which you will work with a system. The system will improve with time so that you can make the most progress that you can.

Living the life with system is good. Because a lot of decisions about daily life have been take in advance so that there is no hard decision making on the start of the day. So that we can focus on the work in front of us. The effectiveness and productivity will improve with time as we get better and better with our daily actions.

We will improve our daily actions on weekly basis to get the most out of our daily actions. And because it is pre-thought out we will be able to make a better decision what will in turn give the best result possible.

It is important that when ever you start this process you should start small and grow with time. If in the start you try hard to do a lot in small amount of time then it will be hard for you to continue.

So it is a smart move to start small and then start adding stuff. At the place of start at a point from where you cannot move forward. So it is important that you do your daily but it is also important that you do it right.

You have to understand that the most important thing is being in the right direction and keep working towards your goals. So that some day you will be able to achieve it.

It has happened to me a lot of times that I started something big and expected a lot of work from myself in the process. But at the end of end not able to work in the process. That is not helping me to achieve me my goals so it not a good idea.

Making this little systems has helped me a lot with my work. I call it the tooth brush theory which me that in the morning most of us have a specific of brushing and we do it the same way every day.

You have to develop a system that you can follow without thinking so that most of the difficult things in life can be made easy. So if you wan to have a simple life you can start to make system. This system will help you achieve the most productivity out of your daily life.

To be able to use your day to the fullest is a ability that will help you a lot in the long run so that you can live the live that you want for yourself.

Think about your life in which you are able to do all the necessary daily task without thinking. It will make live a easy ride as it can be made. A lot of people use this system in there life and it is good to have it on your side. Because if not it will be hard to go without it.

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Piyush Tada is a Finance Graduate with a interest in personality development. Like to read , watch movies and share what he learn.

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