Learn How To Meditate

Learn How To Meditate

If you are new to meditation then you can start with the most basic of all. Here are simple steps that you can follow to learn meditation.

First step is that you find a quiet place in your house where you cannot be disturbed for the term of the meditation. So you should turn off anything that is going to distract you from your practice.

Now you need some kind of timer so that you can know when you time of meditation is over. You can do this by timer in your laptop or desktop. If you are using a timer in your phone then switch your phone in flight mode so that there will no phone call when you meditate.

Now set your timer for 15 min that it. It is the time that you are going to start you meditation with.

Now sit on floor with your leg crossed and pillow under your butt. Focus your eyes two to three feet away on the floor do not close your eyes. Now you have to count every breath you take. Inhale one, exhale two, inhale there you keep going till you reach ten.

When you reach ten starts counting backward and keep on going. Focus all of you attention on breathing. When something comes to your mind let come except it and move on. Again focus on breathing.

Keep doing it till the timer ends.

Increase your time by 5 min every week. When you reach 30 min start meditating twice daily. In the morning and before going to bed.

As you get better at it you will have less and less thoughts coming in your mind when you meditate.

When you reach the level where you can count without thinking other things. Count one full breath as one mean inhale and exhale is one and the other full breath will be two.

It will take some to become habit but after a week you see some changes. You will be calmer you will breathe deeply and the things that are used to bother you before are now not any problem.

Now you know how to meditate so pratice. You will only get results if you practice.

You will learn to flow like water in your life not stopped by anything for too long. Practice and tell me how you feel I love to know your experience.

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