How To Master Things By Slowing Down


From the childhood I was always interested in learning new things. I always want to learn and master things fast but I was doing it wrong for more then 10 years now I have learn some things that will help you to become better at things fast.
So from years of learning new things or failing at learning at things have taught me some things. You have to understand that every one learn in a different way. So you have find out the best way by which you can learn and practice it.

Slow practice at first

When you start at something new the most important thing that you can do it slow. You have to focus more on the right technique then the speed. So when you practice something for the first few times deliberately slow yourself down so that you can learn the small detail of things.

Because when you try to go fast at the start of the process you will find that you are not making any progress and after sometime you will give up. But if you are slow at the start of the learning process you will be able to get more out of the practicing.

Less is more

When you learn something new the priciple of less is more work wonder what that really mean is that when you learn new skill at the place of mastering all the things at the same time you should pratcing one key part of it. And when you are able to perform that you should move to the next thing.

For example when you learn to type if you use any software to learn it you will find out that they work on some keys at a time. The first thing that you have to learn is get more then 90% accuracy in every lesson that you do. Which mean that you will not go to the next less until you have more than 90% accuracy more is better. Because if you start your pratice with the right thing you will learn fast and have the motivation to move forward because you are learing every single time you practice.

Master one things at a time

As we have learn that you less is more in our previous point. Focusing on one thing at a time is even more powerful. It will apply to everything. What I mean by that is you will focus on learning one thing at a time and in that skill or task you will focus your energy on one key skill at a time.

First 20 hrs are most important

Whenever you are learning new things in your life you have to focus on the first 20 hrs of practice that you put in. If you fight though those 20 hrs you will be able to learn basics of that skill and will be able get some efficiency in your skill. It will provide you with the motivation that you will need to move forward.

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