How to find happiness in your life

We all want to happy in our life but we do not know how. The really problem may be that we do not know what is real happiness in itself. If happiness is a state of mind and we can control our state of mind. Then we can be happy when ever we want to be.

So the question arises is why are we not happy all the time. The answer to that question can be that you cannot control your state of mind. So when you cannot control your state of mind so when the life goes sideways you are an able to do anything about it and you feel sad or depressed.

So all the happiness will start with your state of mind. So to control your state of mind. You first have to understand your state of mind. So to understand your state of mind you have to observe you state of mind. When ever you can you should always keep in check of our mind.

How can you keep in check of our mind?

You have to be aware of all that is going in your mind. So at the place of searching for meaning out of yourself you have to find the meaning of things in yourself. Because it is you how give the meaning to everything in your life. Your life is not defined by that is out side but how you interpret what is out side that make the real difference in your life.

You have to change the meaning of things in your mind to see things in different light. When you do that you will be able to see the things that will go unnoticed by you now.

You have a choice to make that if you want to control your emotion or just let is flow with out even thinking about it. Yes you will need a lot of practice to do that and you will be amazed to see the results.

The most practical way of achieving that is my meditation you will need to meditation to your daily life. Because when you do meditation you are consciously trying to control what you think and how you react to different things.

And most of people think that mediation is simple sitting and doing nothing but it is just the part of it. You have a to meditation even when you are folding your cloths. You will be completely present in this movement and your full attention should on doing it. You need to kick out all the other distractions in your mind. And have to fully focus on your action.

So in this way you can apply meditation to anything in your life. When ever you do anything you should do it with all you have do not leave anything.

Be completely present in the moment and do things that are need for to be done. Do them with full focus and be completely aware of all the steps that you take when you do it. You have learn to do that in every action that you take in your life. Be completely where ever you are. Do not get distracted by anything else. And when you get distracted just let that thought get past you conscious mind.

Published by Piyush Tada

Piyush Tada is a Finance Graduate with a interest in personality development. Like to read , watch movies and share what he learn.