How To Achieve Your Goals Fast


We all have lots of goals in your life and want to achieve them fast. We all want to know how we can achieve them in the list amount of time. So when I was thinking about my goals and how I can achieve my goals fast these things come to mind.


Set two goals at a time if possible one.

You should have 2 or possible only one goal which you will focus on at a time. If you have a things that you want to achieve then sort them in priorities so that most important goal then the next and then which is not that important.


Focus all of your time and energy

If you have less goal you have more energy and time to put in completing in your goal and you will get your results fast.


Wake up early

I you wake up early and do an action related to your most important goal you will be able to achieve your goal faster.


Keep you calm

Having fewer goals calms you and improves flow of energy.


Increase your productivity

As we all know that if we focus on one thing we will be more productive and have less stress.

You will able to complete more and fast.


Work Long

You should work at least 8 hours daily for achieving your goal.


You are more likely to follow though

If you have only one goal then you has clear action outlined what to do next and get to your final destination.


Clear your clutter

Clean you your house and office of things that you have not used in previous 6 months. The easy way to clean you stuff is take everything out of the shelf’s then put them in three piles

  • Keep
  • Trash/Out
  • Maybe


Arrange the things in keep pile back in shelves. Throw, donate or give away the things in trash/out pile and put you all maybe things in a box label them with date and store them out of site. If you do not open them in within a year get rid of it also.

Question everything that you buy and think about it what will happen to them after a year.


Go paperless

Keep everything digital music, movies, recites bills. It will save you time of arranging them if they were physical.


These are some of things that will help you to achieve your goals by saving you time and focusing your energy on what is important.


Published by Piyush Tada

Piyush Tada is a Finance Graduate with a interest in personality development. Like to read , watch movies and share what he learn.