How Not To Think Too Much?

How Not To Think Too MuchIs it one of your problems that you think too much and never get to action stage of your plan?

I have same problem so I think about some of the solution for too much thinking. We can overcome anything if we put our mind to it. So today we are going to solve overthinking syndrome. So here are some of the things that you can apply in your life that will make your life easy and more productive.


Clarity is must if you want to make better and faster decisions.  So how can we achieve a clear mind? We can achieve anything if we have less number of goals. So you should focus on less number of goals two is more than enough.

Little Action First

If you are think about doing anything. You should figure out the first step in your plan that you can do in two minutes and do it. The more time we spent in thinking process the long it will take us get to the result we want.


Meditating daily give clarity to your mind and you stop over thinking. Meditate early in the morning if possible.


Make Rituals

You should make rituals for things that you have to do daily so that you can avoid stress of making those decisions daily.

These are some things that will help you to be more productive and make better decisions. So do not think too much act a lot. Action has the power to change the world. Read Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen it is great book on improving personal productivity.

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Published by Piyush Tada

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