Challenge: Read 52 Books a Year and Improve Your Self

Challenge: Read 52 Books a Year and Improve Your Self

Won’t it be cool if you can read 52 books every year? Think about the effect it will have on you as a person. How much you will learn and improve in a year by reading 52 books a year.

Do you think it is possible to read this many books in a year? When you think about 52 books a year it seems like big number. But if you divide this task in small manageable pieces you will learn that is easier to do then you think.

How can you read 52 books a year?

The simple answer to this question is read one book every week and you will have 52 books read at the end of the year.

So how to read one book a week?

To read one book a week you have to do a simple math. Take the total number of pages in the book you want to read that week and the divide that with 7.

Daily Number of Page To Be Read = Total Pages / 7

The number of pages that you need to read a day to complete the book within a month. Now make a plan to read every day.

You can set a specific time and place when you will read. Or you can carry your book everywhere you go and read some pages whenever you get time.

I had actual read 300 books in 2010 alone after that my passion subsided and after that I only read one book a month in past 2 years. But after writing this article I will start my journey of reading 52 books this year.

Let’s take it as challenge to read 52 books this year. I will give you a short review of book that I read every week on this blog and you can write about the book you are reading that month in the comments section.

Published by Piyush Tada

Piyush Tada is a Finance Graduate with a interest in personality development. Like to read , watch movies and share what he learn.