Nobody Cares What You Do

We spend a lot of time on what people think of us. What they think of the new car that we have bought or the new house you are moving into. But here is the flashing news that nobody cares what you do. Everybody is so concerned with what the other person think of them. […]

Having A Life And Living Your Passion

Some of you want to be passionate about something in life and some of you have passion in your life but problem is that it takes all of it. Yes there are two kind of problem here not having a passion and forcing on your passion a lot. The problem of not having the passion […]

What Do You Want?

You should ask yourself what it that you want in life is. For most of us we have long list of things that we do not want in our life. But we do not know what we really want and for what reason. You might be thinking that I know what I want. I want […]

How To Get Rid Of Pain From Past

We all have some stored pain from our past. You think that it is an integral part of you as a person but it is not it is just a memory. Memory is just an imagination of what you think had happen. So it cannot be that accurate. You have to understand that situations have […]

Enjoy The Path Not The Reward

Life is a journey they say. So why we are so inclined to that the reward is everything not the journey. So we are more inclined on enjoying some movements in our life not the full life good times as well as the bad times. Why is that why we do not enjoy the full life? Is it that we think it is impossible to do that? Or is it that we will be insane if we are happy all the time. It is true that we have to happy and sad both so that we can understand the importance of both. What I am trying to say is that if you never sad you will not understand what happiness is. If you always sad then you do not know nothing about being happiness. But we can make our life more enjoyable at least you own it to yourself. I read some were that you need get what you love or love what you get. So all you have to do is pretty start forward. You need to find what you love. But what if you do not know now what you love now. Then you have to learn to love what you do now.   The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters. Audrey Hepburn   I read a story in How to stop worrying and start living of a woman it goes like this. She was a typist in a large polo of typist working with her. She was not happy with her job. She feels that if she does not do something she will kill herself. So she decided that she will find a way to love her work. So that she can be a no longer be miserable. What she did was made a game out of her work. She has to fill these same reports. So she determines how much time it takes to complete a report so how many she can do in an hour. After she know how many she can do in an hour. She focuses on doing better every hour keeping score and improving herself. It is fun for her to do that so she focuses on fun part and how good she can do. In very small time she was doing better than everyone in the pole. And fun part is that she did not know that and she was having a lot of fun doing that. There are lots of ways you can enjoy your life right now. But you have to be creative or you can just Google it. Now there is so much information on internet you can find anything with in seconds. But you have to understand there is a difference between knowing and doing.   Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. Confucius   As you already know form your experience in life that we know a lot of things but rarely does anything about them. So when you find any method to make your life fun then you should get it a month before you discard as useless. What you see is that at first you are not able to understand the method fully but after some time you can do things naturally.

Our Time Will Pass On This Earth

Most of time what we think about how to pass the time. But you have to understand one thing that your time on this earth will pass no matter what you do. If you watch TV or work on your goals. Sleep or do anything else it do not matter what you do or do […]