6 Reasons You Should Not Watch TV

you should not watch tv

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TV is a important part of all of our life’s. We spend a lot of time in front of it. Most of time we are just glued to the screen and we do not see the time go by. But is is taking a lot of time of our life which we can use in several different way.

So why is that we knowingly waste our time? Are we addicted to it? Maybe. But it is important that you live your own life. At the place of watching others live there. So here are some reason for why you should not watch TV.

It Will Save Time

On an average a person watches 4 hour of TV in his 24 hours. That is 16% of the time that we have in our day, so we waste around that much for some even more in this thing. You can easily become world class at something if you practice something in that time. Think about the number of book that you can read in that time. For example it take me 8 hour to read a book.

So if I use that time to read books I can read more then 150 books in a year. So think about the things that you are putting off because you think that you do not have time to do. Use your time that you get to do something meaningful in your life. Like spending time with your family, may be writing a book or develop new skill.

It Will Make Your Mind Clear

When you watch TV you are influenced by ads and your decision are not logically made. So you lose control our your own thinking that is not good. Due to which you desire useless things and get in debt buying it all. Because you will never get content with physical things. You will only be content when you except yourself for what you are.

Because you are filled with lies your mind will not be clear to make better decisions.

You Will Eat Less

When you eat in front of TV you are not aware of your eating so you eat more then you should. Because you are eating at front of TV and then after eating you do not do any physical activity you get fat and unhealthy. So watching TV while you eat is bad idea for your health because you are not aware of your food and will eat bad and unhealthy food and in high quantity.

You Thinking Will Be Free

When you are not watching TV you give your mind the freedom to think on its own and you free to have any thought that you want to have. At first you will think about all the show that you use to watch but after sometime you will be able to have fresh chain of thoughts.


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More Time With Family

Now a day when people come from hard day at work they do not eat lunch with there family. But just sit in front of TV for hours and think that they are unwinding. But they are not doing that they are filling there mind with use less stuff. When you do not TV consuming most of your day you will have a lot of time for your family.

Develop Deeper Relations

When TV is not distracting your mind with useless stuff you can develop deeper relationship with your kids, spouse and friends. Which in turn will make you to be more happy and content with your life.

So you see that not watching TV not only give you free time in your life. But also help to live a more meaningful life. So now you have to make a decision what is more important in your life.

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