5 Reasons Why You Should Not Read Books

In this article we are going to learn why you should not read books. I know you heard from several different sources and people that you should read books. But today we are going to talk about why you should not read books.


You cannot live an average life


If you read books you cannot live a normal life because when you read books you are exposed to the possibilities that other humans have achieved. Then you read about how people from different background have risen to become great. You cannot help but think that you can also become great if you put your heart and soul into it like those people did.

As you read you find little things that if you change them will make a lot of difference in your life.

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You will always want to better yourself


If you read motivational or self-help books you will find yourself wanting you keep improving yourself. There is no limit to how much you can improve in your life.

I saw it in myself when I read any self-help book I am motivated to make positive changes in my life. Books give you the right path but it is up to you to walk.

You will be different


You will be different from people who do not read books. You will see and experience world differently because you know things.

When you see things differently it seems like you are living in a different world. When you read books by authors outside of your country you get ideas which may be not social norm in your country. When you apply those principles to your life you stand out.


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Most of the people will not understand you


When you read books you start to see things in different perspective. In most cases people around you will not understand what you are talking about.

General public do not read any books after completion of college. So they get in thinking like all the people around them because they do not have another model. But for someone reading book he/she has a lot different ideas to choose from. When you think different from someone it becomes hard for him to understand you.

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There is always something new to try


When you read a lot you get lot of ideas for things that you can do. For example when you read a book on organizing you get some cool ideas on how to better organize. Sometime they are better than before and sometime it can mess up the system that you already have. But none the less you try something new.


So these are some of reasons why you should not read books. If you have the perfect life and do not what to change your life then there is no reason for you to read any book aside from fiction for entertainment.

If you have the life that you want then why waste time reading you should focus on living your life. But if you do not have the life that you want then it is important that you find ways in which you can improve your life and make those changes. Reading books is one of those methods.

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