5 Reasons Why Small Progress Everyday Is Better

5 Reasons Why Small Progress Everyday Is Better

I learn an important lesson today it is important that you go slow at the time when you are starting out so that you will be able to learn things at a pace that is comfortable to you. If you try to do a lot and learn a lot at the same time you are bound to fail you have to slow things done. You have to enjoy the small victories that come in your way as you keep on working.

If you start to enjoy the small things in life then your life will become more fruitful and you would be happier and will master things fast.

Easy To Swallow Pieces

When you focus on small progress on daily basis you have the advantage of having small pieces of information at a time to learn and remember so you can work on in small amount of time and you will be able to get your work done on daily basis so that you can keep working.

It will take you a long time before you will be able to see any result that is why it is very important that you keep working every day. There a little to be done on daily basis you will be able to get it done easily.

Learning Happens In Progression

You have to know one thing by now that learning does not happen overnight. It is like building a wall where you will place a brick over brick to build it. In the same way you are going to work on your life things every day. Where you will see small growth and when you have done enough work you will be able to see the result.

If you only place one brick and start to look how the wall is coming you are bound to feel depressed and that you have not accomplished anything. But you have to understand one thing that is in the beginning of learning anything new you have to keep working even when you do not see any results what so ever.

Daily Goals

You can track your small progress very well by setting a system. Like if you want to write a million words this year. Then your small daily goals will be that you complete 3000 words every day. If you are writing 3000 words everyday then if you continue this task everyday then you will be able to reach this goal even if this seems so big in the starting.

For me it takes 2 hours to write 3000 words. So if I want to achieve the target to write a million words then all have to do is set aside 2 hours daily and get my butt on a chair and start writing that is the only way that I ever going to get my work done.

Simple Life

When you focus on small daily progress you make your life easy because now you have a plan by which you know that you are going to be able to achieve your goal and all you have to do is follow a simple plan that will going to get you there.

I am not saying that the actual task of doing the work is going to be easy what I am saying is that you will be stress free if you do that little.

What you need to do will be easy if you make a habit out of it. If you make a habit to do just what needed to be done then you will be light years ahead of those who are thinking of doing a lot.

Life Is A Journey

Life is a journey you will never be done traveling until you are alive so be aware of whatever you are doing now. Because once you have passed this time you will never be going to see this path again.

This are some of the reasons that I think are in favor of small progress every day. You have to learn to live with your small progress because most of the days you will not see a lot of progress and all you have to do is keep going no matter what.

Even the greatest creation was just an imagination of someone’s mind. If you have something that you want to do then just go and do it. Small step at a time.

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