Nobody Cares What You Do

We spend a lot of time on what people think of us. What they think of the new car that we have bought or the new house you are moving into. But here is the flashing news that nobody cares what you do. Everybody is so concerned with what the other person think of them. […]

Having A Life And Living Your Passion

Some of you want to be passionate about something in life and some of you have passion in your life but problem is that it takes all of it. Yes there are two kind of problem here not having a passion and forcing on your passion a lot. The problem of not having the passion […]

What Do You Want?

You should ask yourself what it that you want in life is. For most of us we have long list of things that we do not want in our life. But we do not know what we really want and for what reason. You might be thinking that I know what I want. I want […]

How To Get Rid Of Pain From Past

We all have some stored pain from our past. You think that it is an integral part of you as a person but it is not it is just a memory. Memory is just an imagination of what you think had happen. So it cannot be that accurate. You have to understand that situations have […]