Basic Rule of Great Health

Having an optimal health is not that difficult all you have to do is follow some basic rules. And in order to follow them you have to first know them and then change the habits that are stopping you to follow that simple rule. Eat less exercise more This is the golden rule of all. […]

Ways Of Life

What are ways in which you can live your life? To answer that question you should know yourself. And always remember no matter what kind of life you chose to life. You are going to give something up. For example if you want to have a life in which you travel world and have a […]

You Have Right To Be Wrong

We often wrong before we are right. When we are children we do a lot of things wrong when someone point out that we are not doing it right we correct ourselves. But as we grow up we associate being wrong as a failure at the place of a learning experience. So when you get […]